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So, I haven’t translated anything this week because I was editing this. I hope to finish a chapter today, though. This is Dogboy and I editing Guro’s translation to a more gooder English (I have well grammer and spalling).

Also, I found an illustration in the raws, so enjoy that below! If you haven’t, please do check out Guro’s site(linked below), translating Tensei Slime.

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The Boy who Aspired to be a Knight

On the western region of the Alfana[1] continent, stood a large nation known as the Remulshil[2] Empire.
In the location that faced the main street of Imperial Capital, Simurgh[3], was a small inn called Wandering Bird’s Roost[4] that was frequented by rowdy customers, such as peddlers and adventurers.
With its first floor also serving as a bar, it’s just an ordinary inn that could be found anywhere else.
At this place was a 5-year-old boy, named Wynn Bard, who was excitedly watching the spectacle outside from the window that faced the Main Street.

“Wow~, So cool!”

Silvery white armour. A steel longsword at his waist. A steel shield on his back.
Etched on the breastplate was the Coat of Arms of the Empire’s Knight Order, an emblem picturing a double-headed lion.
Since Wynn was still a child, he didn’t really understand, but the knights had returned from a subjugation mission in a forest near the empire’s border that was overrun by a swarm of monsters.
To see the knights’ gallant figure as they made their triumphant return to the Imperial Capital, countless citizens were lined up on both sides of the main street.
Of course, it wasn’t different in front of the Wandering Bird’s Roost; There were numerous people lining up on the other side of the window. And Wynn was only able to see the figures of the through the gaps between people, but ––

“Wynn! Don’t slack off!”

The one who shouted was Hanna, the proprietress of the inn.
She turned around and stopped the hand she was using to write on the ledger, while glaring at Wynn.

“I-I’m very sorry.”

Wynn got off the table, which was sturdy enough to be climbed on, and returned to his work, which was cleaning the tableware, such as forks and spoons, that were scattered around.
He cleaned the used ones, till the cloth was thoroughly dirty.

“When you’re done with that, draw some water! It’s busy today, so don’t slack off. You useless freeloader![5]

Wynn had lost his parents.
His parents, who were peddlers, entrusted Wynn to the owner of this inn, who was their close friend, before they lost their lives in a bandit raid during their travels.
It wasn’t an unusual thing in this age.
Even though he became an orphan, with the large sum of money his parents paid before they traveled, the innkeeper couldn’t throw the child, who was only five years old at the time, out, so Wynn was allowed to work.
However, he was never spoiled.
Hanna, who was the innkeeper’s wife, would have Wynn help her handle the customers; Wynn was worked hard.
For a miser like Hanna, a 5-year-old child, who still can’t work usefully, would only be a financial burden, due to food expenses and the other things, and so he became a freeloader.
Still, it was probably better than being thrown out.
There were many children who became orphans and died. Or, they could be sold by slave traders.

The current situation might make him look like a slave in other people’s eyes, but at least the innkeeper paid Wynn a salary. However, it was no larger than a sparrow tears[6].

“Nee, Hanna-obasan.”

While polishing the spoon, Wynn timidly called out to Hanna.

“What do I do to become a knight?”

“Ah? You want to become a knight?”

Although Wynn was scared of Hanna, he couldn’t suppress his interest in being a knight after he saw their gallant figures through the crowd.

“If you want to be a knight, you must enter the Empire’s Knight School. You need knowledge and education, and you need to learn martial arts and magic.”

“How do you enter the school?”

“You need to study and pay the entrance fee.”

“Hmmm…School, huh?”

When her hand that was writing on the ledger stopped, she saw Wynn’s sparkling eyes.
Because he usually works silently and obediently, it’s unusual for Wynn, who had been called an unsociable child, to have a smile that was suitable for his age.
However, that didn’t matter to Hanna.

“Hey, you can’t stop your hands. You still need to draw the water, once you’re done.”

“Ah, u…”

“Also, because the enrollment fee is high, though you are employed here, you don’t have enough money for you to attend school! “

When he finished polishing the spoon, Wynn went to the public well, while carrying a bucket.
Drawing the water was hard labor for a 5-year-old child.
In order to fill the water barrel at the back of the inn, he had to make many round trips.

“Isn’t the reason why you don’t have enough time because you are slacking? If you don’t finish drawing the water before evening, you won’t get any food!”

Wynn went outside, from the backdoor of the inn, in silence.

Because the Wandering Bird’s Roost not only provides alcohol and a meal for customers, the bar on the first floor was fully occupied in the evening.
Wynn was still thinking about the knights as he washed the plates in the wash basin in the kitchen.

(School… How much money must I save before I can enter…?)



Slipping from his hands, the plate split into two pieces―If a 5-year-old child thinks about other things while washing the dishes, it will end up like this.

“What are you doing?! That plate’s price will be subtracted from your salary, you know!”

Wynn’s small body twitched in response to Hanna’s angry voice. He squatted down and started collecting the broken pieces.

“What happened, Wynn? Are you injured?”

The innkeeper, Rendell, noticed that Wynn had been absent-minded since a while ago.
This boy, who was the orphan of his close friend, he wasn’t selfish, even when he was young and could be said to be an intelligent child.
Well, it was a pity that he was bluntly treated by Hanna; however, from Rendell’s standpoint, as a child who lost his parent less than three months ago, and despite the fact that he wanted to be spoiled and play like any other child his age, he still has to do bitter work day after day.
It was painful to treat his best friend’s child like this; Even though『Migratory Bird’s Mistletoe』could be called prosperous, it didn’t mean that their finances had room to spare.
In the first place, Hanna was dissatisfied with Rendell’s arbitrary decision to look after the child, so he decided to have Wynn work.
That’s why Rendell paid attention to Wynn’s daily work. Even though he was just a child, Wynn always concentrated on his job, but today, he noticed that Wynn was unusually distracted.

“Did something happen?”

“Yes, I saw the knights earlier today. And, I heard from Hanna-obasan that to become a knight, money is needed……I want to become a knight.”

“A knight, huh….”

For a boy, there’s a period where they would dream of becoming a knight.
Rendell also secretly went through such a phase..

“I wonder how much money is needed……?”

“Etto……. Wasn’t it four gold coins?”

Although the young Wynn didn’t know how to perform calculations, he did have some understanding about gold coins.
Currently, Wynn had a monthly pay of one silver. One gold coin could be exchanged for a hundred silver coins.

“Is that so? There was a time when I, too, yearned to become a knight.”

“Rendell-ojisan also?”

“Yeah, since it was cool. Holding a sword in my hand, I would pretend to be a knight.”

Knowing that Rendell also yearned to be knight, Wynn broke out a smile.
After he lost his parents, it was a rarely seen expression, Rendell unconsciously also cracked a smile.

“Hey! Slacking off again? I won’t give you your meal today, you know!”

Peeking from the kitchen, Hanna shouted.

“You too! The additional orders are piling up! You can’t let the customers wait you know!!”


The two returned to their work once again, with embarrassed expressions on their faces.

Behind the inn was a small storage shed.
Since it wasn’t used very often, it was modeled converted into a bedroom. This was Wynn’s new house for the last three months.
As the night wore on, past midnight, Wynn’s long day finally finished after he finished tidying and cleaning up the shop.
A 5-year-old child would normally feel fear if left alone in the darkness when the shed was closed, but Wynn, who was exhausted from the daily chores, would immediately fall asleep as soon as he slipped into the crude blanket and sheets.
However, maybe because there was still some lingering excitement from seeing the knights earlier, he wasn’t able to fall asleep.

‘What is knowlege and educashon[7]? But Rendell-ojisan did say that it will be good to train the body.’

He didn’t understand the difficult words, but Wynn remembered that it would be good to train his body.

‘I want to become a knight. But first, I will train my body.’

Adventurers also lodge at the inn.
He observed that they would run with weights in the early morning, and saw their figures training by swinging their swords.

‘I will work hard starting tomorrow morning……’

Even if he was excited, he couldn’t cheat his exhausted body.
Wynn, who was overwhelmed by drowsiness, fell asleep.

From then on, before the rooster that was kept at the inn crowed, while the sawn sky was still blanketed by darkness, Wynn would wake up and run around the neighborhood, day after day.
He considered drawing water from the well as muscle training. He made a round trip using a big bucket and ran around with it, even when it was empty.
When Rendell and Hanna first woke up, they were surprised to see that the water barrels had already been filled. Since this didn’t inconvenience them in any way, they were instead glad that Wynn was able to do other jobs.
From peeling potatoes and carrots, he also learned how to use a kitchen knife and a dagger.
His workload increased, but his pay did not.
Nevertheless, Wynn didn’t complain, even a bit, but rather, he found ways to train as he worked

And so, days and months passed.

Wynn was now eight years old.
His daily tasks had increased even more.
However, his pay didn’t change.
But, when you compare Wynn’s agility with that of other children of the same age, he was clearly superior.
Because there was no one he could compare with, he hadn’t noticed this.
Rendell and Hanna have two boys of their own, who were eleven and nine years old. Unlike Wynn, they were raised and spoiled by Hanna. Wynn’s time to play was taken by work―or more precisely, if he had free time, Wynn would use it to train―so he didn’t have the opportunity to meet either of them.
That day, he once again woke up early. He ran to the building because he needed to finish drawing the water. Unlike the time when he was five years old, che could now hold two buckets..
Even with just this, he had already surpassed the common sense of a normal 8-year-old child.
Since he could finish drawing the water in half the time, he would swing his wooden sword until Rendell and Hanna woke up.

He got this wooden sword from an adventurer who had stayed at the inn for month, when he was seven years old.
The adventurer, who woke up earlier to training himself, was surprised to see a child running around town just before dawn. When he heard Wynn’s dream becoming a knight, the adventurer did not just give Wynn the wooden sword, he also taught Wynn how to hold the sword and how to swing it.
To be taught about the sword by an adventurer for one whole month before he departed was a godsend that Wynn never hoped for.

By the time the sun rose, he finished the early morning cleaning and training, so his free time during the day increased.
As his work efficiency increased, Wynn’s basic endurance was more than the children the same age as him.
On that day too, Wynn used his free time to earnestly swing his wooden sword.

Suddenly, he felt someone’s gaze and looked behind him.

A small girl was watching him, while hiding behind a building next to the inn.
Unlike the shabby-looking Wynn, the girl wore lovely clothes made from a high-class white cloth.
Her eyes were saying something like: ’What is the boy, who is slightly older than me, doing?’ ‘Is it interesting?’ The light of curiosity dwelled within her eyes.
When Wynn stopped swinging the wooden sword with his hands and turned his eyes towards the girl, she ran out of the shadows.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m training.”

“Is that interesting?”

“I don’t know whether it is interesting or not, but it’s pleasant.”

“May Leti do it too?”

‘Leti must be her name.’

She picked up a nearby stick from the ground and started swinging it alongside Wynn.
Wynn swung his wooden sword, thinking that it’s fine, since she wasn’t particularly bothering him.
From that day on, Leti would come by and swing a stick alongside Wynn.
She asked Wynn what time he normally woke up, so that she could come see him at that time.
Leti’s clothing was always different.

However, because he noticed that the clothes she wore were made from high-class cloth, Wynn thought that she might be a child from a wealthy family.
She probably arrived by sneaking out, because her kneecaps were always dirty whenever she arrived.
‘Wasn’t her family worried about her?
So he thought, but there’s no pleasure in training. Because Wynn had a goal, and didn’t dislike the feeling of fatigue after the training, he was able to persevere every day, but if it were a normal child, they would lose interest immediately..
In fact, the two boys of the inn started mimicking the actions of the worker child who was younger than themselves. They snatched the wooden sword from Wynn, and tried to do the training, but soon got tired of it before the third day, and so, tossing aside the wooden sword, they went to play.
The girl who introduced herself as Leti would eventually stop coming, and he was sure that he would continue to train alone.

Wynn walked while carrying two buckets full of water and looked back at Leti, who was also carrying a bucket while following him with unsteadily steps.

“Onii-chan… It’s heavy…”

“If it’s heavy, it’s okay to leave it behind, you know? Because I’ll come back later and pick it up.”

“…I’ll do my best.”

Said Leti, breathing heavily as she walked, her white face turning bright red.

She was two years younger than Wynn, but he enjoyed the time with Leti as he almost didn’t have any experience playing with other children who were the same age as him.
‘Even so, someday, Leti will get tired of this and would leave me.’

When he thought that, he felt a little lonely.

Surprisingly, Leti kept coming to Wynn’s place since then for half a year.
Before he knew it, she soon started coming with a wooden sword that matched the size of her body.
Whenever it was time for him to do his warm-up exercises and start his run, Leti would show up.
After the two people finished the warm-ups, they would run around the town.
When he was five years old, he only ran around the vicinity of the inn, but he was now eight, years old, so his running speed increased and he could run around the whole town as he pleases.
When Leti joined him, to match her speed, he would, once again, only run around the area close to the inn, but after several months, she was able to match Wynn’s speed.
Saying it honestly, it’s unusual.
Wynn’s physical strength and running abilities already surpassed children of the same age, and would surpass the power of a normal adult male.
Yet, she was able to keep up with him after only several months.
Leti was an existence that could be called a genius.
However, Wynn didn’t notice that.
In the first place, there was no one for him to compare her to.
He thought that Leti, even though she was two years younger than him, was amazing since she could already catch up with him, but he thought that was normal.
After the run and after the water was drawn, both of them picked up their wooden words and exchanged blows with each other.
They learned by imitating the adventurers’ matches.
At first, Wynn would mostly serve as the defending side, but, nowadays, they would switch between the attacker and the defender positions with each other.


They were striking each other rapidly.
Their sword speeds were already out of a normal child’s league.

“Good grief, why’s it so noisy this early in the morning?”

Hanna, who just woke up, said that as she grumbled and complained, while looking outside.
When she saw the girl, at first, she thought that they were loafing and playing around, so she shouted at them.
However, the work was completely finished and she noticed that the girl’s clothes were of high quality.
Clearly, she was a princess of some noble from somewhere, or a daughter of a rich merchant.
The spars escalated every day, but Hanna didn’t understand the way of the sword at all.
The adventurers staying at the inn noticed the two children’s rallies, which was clearly happening at an abnormal speed, but their pride might have prevented them from acknowledging the fact that the two of them may have already surpassed them. Unable to disturb them, Rendell and Hanna would leave them alone.
She was a lovely girl with green eyes and blond hair.

‘She would undoubtedly grow up to become a beautiful woman, I must keep my sons close to her,’ Hanna selfishly thought.
She knew that her two sons, the eldest being Mark and the second being Abel, paid an unusual amount of attention to the girl.
It seemed that they tried to talk to her…
However, for some reason, Leti would always stick with Wynn, helping him with his work, making it hard for the two, who only played around, to befriend her.

“Heyhey! You should ignore that guy and play with us.”

“Today, I going to read a book with Onii-chan.”

Mark and the other neighborhood children called out to Leti, but she just walked restlessly behind Wynn, holding a book behind her back,
Recently, Leti would come over twice a day; once before noon, and once again before the evening.
It was because she knew that the first part of Wynn’s work would be over by lunchtime, so he was free.
She would always carry a book and read it together with Wynn with an attentive face.
She hid the book behind her back, because she had experienced her book being taken away before and didn’t want it to happen again.
However, because her leg strength had already exceeded the older boys’, she would immediately run after it while crying.

Leti was sitting on a chair beside Wynn, who would be taking a short break after he finished his work, waiting for him to sit down and open the book.
Hanna, who saw it as nuisance at first, didn’t object anymore.
Therefore, Leti would imposingly stay in this room.
She was six years old and just started to learn the alphabet from a private tutor employed by her family.
On the other hand, Wynn didn’t go to school; instead he was taught only the alphabet and mathematics from Hanna, so he could learn to do account book work.
Therefore, even though Wynn read the book. He would read it together with Leti.


挿絵(By みてみん) (Illustration by Mitemin)

The contents seemed like an unintelligible language, when the private tutor taught her, but they obediently entered her head when she read it with Wynn.

“―The place where we live in this world, is called the Alfana continent…”

The books that Leti would bring were about history or mythology, or sometimes it would be a valuable magic book, or something else. Wynn heartily welcomed her afternoon visits.
To the friendless Wynn, he thought that she was his best friend.

“― The northern part of the continent is a land where humans can’t tread upon, and and is overflowing with monsters and demons, who are controlled by the Demon King―Onii-chan, what is a Demon King?”

“Among all of the monsters, that guy is the number one strongest.”

“He’s even stronger than Onii-chan?”

“Wouldn’t he be stronger?”

“Even more than the knight people?”

“Hmm… Then the knights are definitely stronger!”

For Wynn, who yearns to be a knight, their strength was absolute.
Today, Leti had brought a book for pleasure reading, apart from her educational books.

“But, if the knight people are stronger, why don’t they attack that Demon King?”

“Come to think of it… huh?”


Let alone a Demon King, even if it’s a single high rank demon that appears, something like a knight order would be easily destroyed―

Though they read books with difficult content, they still possessed naivete befitting their age.

“I, who has understood the way of fire, light up”[9]

“Onii-chan, you did it!”

A small fire the size of a candle flame was lit on Wynn’s fingertip.
He was practicing the magic from the magic book that Leti brought.

“I will do it, too!”

“Firmly concentrate on your fingertip.”

“Concentrate, concentrate…”

Leti stared at her fingertip motionlessly―

“I, who has understood the way of fire, light up―”[10]

Fwoosh! [11]


Flames vigorously appeared from Leti’s fingertip, forming a pillar of fire, as Wynn watched.

“Ah, Onii-chan, are you okay!?”

Panicking, she waved her hand to put out the fire, and lowered her body towards him to look at Wynn’s face, who had landed on his bottom in shock.

“Ah, what a surprise!”

Besides the fact that his bangs were singed by the fire, he was fine.

“Leti seems to have much stronger magic power than me. Surely, you will become an amazing magician!”

Though a talent that was much higher than himself had appeared before him, Wynn shyly looked at Leti; not with jealously, but with admiration.

“But, if I want to become a magician, I have to study really hard, right? I hate studying…”

“I think Leti is clever. You’re already able to read a lot of difficult words, right?”

“Even so, when I’m studying with the private tutor, he’s always getting mad…”

Wynn started to pat Leti’s head, who hung her head.

“When I read the book together with Onii-chan, I can understand it very well.”

“Is that so? Then let’s read together again.”


Leti cheerfully nodded.

Thus the two continued to spend their days training and studying together ―well, Wynn aside, Leti spent the time playing and studying.
Thus, time went on, and Wynn turned 12, while Leti turned 10 years old.

That day started the same as usual, with Wynn waiting for Leti to arrive.

“Uu, Onii-chan…”

Leti came running with vigor, while crying and sobbing, before she embraced Wynn.

“Wh-what happened, Leti?”
The 12-year-old Wynn was thinking about the feeling of being embraced by the member of the opposite sex, near his age, that was like his younger sister, and trembled instinctively.
Leti, who didn’t pay attention at all to Wynn’s state, continued to embrace him tightly.

“What if I suddenly leave and go far away?”

Slightly stunned, Wynn, who was surprised by Leti’s sweet fragrance and the fact she was softer than he thought, separated himself from her, and looked her in the eyes.

“How far will you be, Klenad?”

Klenad was the city next to the capital. For Wynn, that’s far.

“No. It’s farther than that.”

“Is that so? How long till you return?”

“I don’t know.”

Leti said, before she embraced Wynn and started crying again.
Wynn patted her head gently, till she finished crying.

“I’m sorry. We can’t train together again.”

“It’s okay. I will soon have enough money saved up for the school enrollment fee, and will go there to become a knight. Since I will be going to the school, we wouldn’t be able to train together, anyways.”

Most likely, Leti was going to be married to someone in foreign country.
The dignity that she brings out when she was young was an ability that a commoner, like him, didn’t have.
During this past year, Wynn guessed that Leti might be a daughter of a high ranking house.
Well, he didn’t understand why they would let a young daughter, like her, slip away from the house.
If it’s a daughter of a high ranking noble, they would get married while they’re young.
Well, a 10-year-old girl was still too early.

“As much as possible, I’ll do my best and return quickly!”

“Hey, hey. It might not be good if you return quickly.”

Wynn had concluded that she was going to marry someone.
From his interpretation of her words, that she will return quickly, she might immediately divorce the other party.
Surely, that would be bad for her house.

“It’s not good?”

Leti looked like she was going to burst into tears again.

“That… I’m glad, though….”

“Then, I will return soon!”

Leti grasped her fist to fire herself up.

“After the warm-up exercises today, should we immediately have a match?”

“Ah, okay.”

Wynn nodded. When he looked at Leti, she was more fired up than usual, for some reason.
This was different from the usual training schedule, but she fired herself up with much effort.
It seemed like there might be stress of going to a place where she didn’t want to go.
Thinking that she wanted to take her mind off of it, he decide to accompany her.

That day, Leti’s sword speed was nothing like it had been up to now.
Wynn, while defending, was aiming for a chance to counter, but Leti, till the very end, didn’t show any gaps. In the end, Wynn was caught by the feint Leti made and, for the first time since the beginning of their training together, Leti surpassed Wynn.

The next day, Leti didn’t show her face. Not even on the next day―― nor the day after that, too――

That day was the last day, before her departure.
It had been many years since Wynn trained alone.

Honestly, it was lonely. But, Wynn didn’t have the time to cry.
She started to walk on her road.
To become a knight, which was his dream, it’s necessary to acquire more power than he had now.
He just needed to save up a bit more money for the enrollment fee, which was his next target.
As if to distract himself from the loneliness of Leti’s departure, Wynn tormented and tempered his body even further.

Translator notes

  1. アルファーナArufaana–back
  2. レムルシル remurushiru–back
  3. シムルグ Shimurugu–back
  4. 渡り鳥の宿り木亭 Wataridori no Yadoigitei–back
  5. 無駄飯 Mudameshi – Good for nothing, Free loader, Free meal, burden etc.–back
  6. meaning small/insignificant–back
  7. Wynn used hiragana instead of kanji, reflected here by spelling errors–back
  8. the sound of their swords hitting one another repeatedly–back
  9. Written with kanji (see next note)–back
  10. Written in all hiragana–back
  11. fire igniting–back

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