About The Staff/Credits

Translator – Elephant No. 5

I once supported the Disc, merely watching things happen and watching people toil, but ended up translating ¬†stuff… (Read Discworld,. It’s funny.) I am pre-med student at UT Austin (that’s as personal as I’ll get).

Hobbies include: Mind games, puzzles, reading books, Anime, Origami, coding, and puns.

Contact info is at the¬†contact page, if you haven’t found it already.

I am also:

  • a lurker at NUF, user: codiro
  • a discord addict
    • both the application, and literal discord.
  • a time traveller looking back and wondering who the elephant that wrote this about page was.



Deus Ex Machina


Special Thanks to:

The people a the secret translator’s society where we translators already have everything TLed, and just release everything much slower than we could. If you’re a TLer that wants access to this secret society of procrastination… well… email or leave a comment?

Also, special thanks to those who actually cared enough to visit this part of my site.