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Nobles and Commoners

“Hey, Wynn!”

Locke, who had finished his work as a knight (errands normally for full-fledged knights), called out to Wynn when he spotted him standing on the red carpet in the hallway with nothing to do.
Wynn turned around and waved upon hearing his voice.
Upon recognizing Locke, relief showed on his face.

“So you finished your work?”

“Ah, huh? Leticia-sama isn’t with you?”

“Cornelia-sama’s maid came, and just dragged her off. There should be another guide that will come but…”

“Then you should wait a bit. Around here, there are places where lower classes aren’t allowed to enter.”

“Of course. It’s my first time in a palace like this, I can’t calm down.”

Wynn uneasily looked around him.
When Leticia was with him, he didn’t feel as helpless as when he waited alone.
It was inevitable that the palace knights that stood guard here and there gave him looks of rejection.
Wouldn’t anybody apprehend a suspicious person?
That thought crossed his mind.

In reality, they knew that Wynn was the Master of the Brave, and were merely observing him, now that the rumored person was before them.
“However, it’s just like you to come to the palace in your knight school uniform, when the princess invites you for tea.”

“I just don’t have any other clothes. If I had them, I would have also worn them to that banquet. This is the most formal set of clothes I have.”

“If that’s the case, then why don’t you borrow some?”

“If I wore it, I wouldn’t suit the clothes. Are you wearing the uniform of a full-fledged knight?”

“That’s right. But since I am an apprentice knight, I don’t have the insignia. As an apprentice knight, I’m in charge of the miscellaneous errands.”

“That’s so cool… I’m jealous…”

‘Is he an idiot?’

Locke was truly amazed at his friend.

‘The things that are truly cool aren’t these superficial garments, but the fact that a commoner without any political influence like you was invited to the castle.’
Not even the highest ranked nobles get invited, much less other nobles.
‘You dense fool! Notice it!’

It was Locke who was jealous of Wynn, who was looking at his garments.
Locke smiled wryly at the fact that his friend hadn’t grasped the true amazingness of the situation.

“I wasn’t minding the stares of the palace knights, but…”

“If they really thought you were a suspicious person, we would have been apprehended by now. Don’t mind it.”

“Palace knights, huh…”

Wynn looked at the palace knights standing close to him.

“I admire them. Though it may be impossible to be an Imperial Knight, I want to be part of the palace knights.”

“Well, it will be fine. Maybe you will become one. Rather than that, you might end up working your way up to the Imperial Guards.”

“Is that so?”

“With the support of the princess and a duke’s daughter, you could almost do anything.”

The Crown would want to tie Leticia the Brave to the country.
Rather, it would be convenient if Wynn was close by.
Up until now, it was difficult to get Leticia to leave Wynn’s side.
The problem was, there might have been nobles who didn’t find this arrangement amusing.

“So the rumour that they would start accepting commoner knights is true?”

“I don’t think that it’s because they’re shorthanded. However, it is still hard to be assigned to either the Royal Knight Order, or the Imperial Knights.”

“Just now, didn’t you say that if it were me, I could even become an Imperial Knight?”

“Wynn is special. Don’t you remember that you’re the Master of the Brave?”

“Really? Even then, I would probably be a clerk or something…”

“Excuse me. Please excuse me for being late. Locke Marine-sama, Wynn Byrd-sama.”

They heard a female voice carrying a hint of mischief, mostly likely the maid.

“I have been asked by Her Highness the Princess to guide you. This way, please.”

The two exchanged glances, then followed behind the maid.
The palace was a place completely distant to a commoner.
Unlike the people who only temporarily worked there, everybody was of a higher status than the two of them.
Still, Locke was used to interacting with eminent nobles in high society, but to Wynn, who had no experience[1] he felt that this environment was suffocating..
In this solemn mood, the two silently followed the maid.
After they had been walking around the enormous palace for a while, they heard the sounds of several people laughing and chatting.
They must have been nobles.
They weren’t wearing the clothes of servants.
The youthful nobles wore dazzlingly gorgeous clothes.
The maid stepped to the side of hallway.
Wynn and Locke likewise stepped aside.
Rather than passing by them as one would expect, one of the nobles stopped in front of the three of them.

“Hey, I haven’t seen those faces before. Miss Maid, who are these guys? New servants?”

“No, they are Princess Cornelia-sama’s guests, Locke Marine-sama and Wynn Byrd-sama.”

“Aren’t they commoners?”

Upon hearing their names, the young noble frowned.

“Commoners? Why is Her Highness the Princess inviting commoners?”

Hearing the young noble’s voice, the other nobles also cut in.
Locke clicked his tongue silently.

‘What a hassle it has become.’

“Wait a minute. isn’t the Marine house a merchant house?”

There was a guy who knew him.

Locked stepped forward, bowing deeply.

“Yes. I am the second son of the Marine House, Locke. Thank you for your patronage.”

“Oh, your esteemed father even helps here.”

The twenty-something year old noble, whose body was as fat as a toad and whose head was as barren as a desert, held out his hand, having been a business partner of the Marine house.

“Count Elstead, it is good to see you.”

‘Yuck, his hands are sweaty… Gross…’

Even while thinking negative thoughts, Locke merely displayed an artificial smile, cultivated since he was young, and returned the handshake.
He truly was a merchant to the core.
Even though he was not going to succeed the family business, he was still trained in the craft.

“This is the son of the Marine family, Locke-dono. His father has helped our House out many times.”

“Although I may be inexperienced, I am pleased to make your acquaintance.”

Locke put his hand to his chest, while bowing his head according to etiquette.
In response, the nobles haughtily nodded.
It appeared that Count Elstead, the fat, bald toad, had the highest status of all those young nobles.
His companions were either Viscounts or Barons, or they held status equivalent to a baron, due to not being heirs.
According to Locke’s vague memory, Count Elstead had a high ranking within the court, but was not affiliated with any of the major factions.
His pride was the resplendent estate in his territory.
Rumour had it that he enjoyed hosting banquets and feasts at his prided estate.
There was gossip about how his vices left him destitute, so he could only wear the same set of luxurious clothes.
Believing themselves to be the center of the world [2], they scorned those below them, and despised the weak.
Expectedly, one of them turned to Wynn.

“Hey, and you? Tell me your name.”

“I am a Knight School student called Wynn Byrd.”

Trying to copy Locke, he bowed his head awkwardly.

“What? A commoner, huh.”

Elstead clicked his tongue and frowned.

He was unable to accept the fact that commoners could become knights.

He held a lot of pride in his social class.
Locke looked coldly at Elstead.
Raised in a merchant family, he appraised Elstead and his lackey nobles.
Since they mistakenly conflated one’s status at birth, as a commoner or noble, with one’s ability, continued transactions with him were profitable.
Locke only needed to say a word to his father, and these transactions would cease.
Even though they were merely a merchant house, the Marine House had that much power.

As somebody who wasn’t going to be the successor of the Marine House, he wanted to avoid dealing with disadvantageous people, for his employment prospects.

“For a commoner to become a knight cadet… what a sad world this has become. You know that this is the palace, right? This isn’t a place for commoners, nor knight cadets. Scram.”

“Please, wait a minute, Count Elstead. These people are the honoured friends of Her Highness the Princess, whom she had invited.”

“The Princess?”

The nobles all frowned when they heard the maid respond for Wynn.

“What is Her Highness thinking? One must invite people of a well-established lineage to the palace. What will she do if something happens?”

“It is because Her Highness has spent so much time outside. If her tutor wasn’t always beside her, I would be worried.”

“Hey, you, Wynn or whatever you’re called.”

Acting as their representative, Count Elstead stood in front of Wynn.

“Even though you were invited by the Princess, and could visit the castle despite being a commoner, don’t let it get to your head. Couldn’t you have found some reason to refuse?”

‘Hey, hey, wouldn’t it be impolite for a commoner to reject the princess’s invitation?’

While maintaining his false smile, Locke mentally threw in a tsukkomi[3].

“But, since it’s an invitation from Her Highness the Princess, wouldn’t it be impolite?”

Wynn replied in the same manner as Locke’s retort.
However, Elstead still couldn’t accept it.
His face reddened.

“Just see what happens if you’re this careless to royalty. You would be punished for lèse majesté[4], you bastard—”

He pointed at the dagger hanging at Wynn’s waist,

“The only ones allowed to bring a weapon into the palace are aristocrats and the Imperial Guards! You should at least know this much!”

“No, this is… ”

“That dagger is no problem, since we have examined it, and Her Highness has already given her permission.”

“That’s not the point! Maids should shut up!”[5]

“What would we do, if something happens because we let some unknown guy bring a weapon with him?”

“Perhaps, this maid is also…”

“Wouldn’t it be better to let the Imperial Guards know?”

The nobles forcefully grabbed the maid, who had defended Wynn.
People started to notice the uproar that was occurring.
Some of the Imperial Guards had also noticed the commotion, and were making their way towards them.
It really turned out to be a bother.
Locke mentally clicked his tongue.
‘If it escalates, then Cornelia-sama and Leticia-sama should be called.’
Just as Locke thought to ask somebody to call those two there—

“What is this commotion?”

There stood Leticia, one of the people Locke was about to summon, and on her face, there was a smile that held a hint of anger.

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Translator Notes

  1. I decided against translating it literally to XP points… It’s not one of the isekai game cheat novels… —back
  2. It’s true, as long as the frame of reference is set correctly… —back
  3. For the uninitiated: Tsukkomi≈retort. Google manzai, or boke and tsukkomi —back
  4. the insulting of a monarch or other ruler; treason —back
  5. Right now, I have a suspicion the maid is not an ordinary maid… But it’s impossible for it to be Leti or Cornelia in disguise, right? —back

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