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When she heard that Wynn had received dispatch orders from the Knight Order, Leticia had naturally wanted to go with him.

But, since she wasn’t a knight, she hadn’t received permission to join the Imperial Army on its military movements. As a result, she chose to join as Wynn’s follower.

There were many cases of nobles and knights having their soldiers and followers accompany them to battle.

Of course, it was unprecedented for a lady of high nobility to become a follower.




“Leticia, you can’t go to a battlefield!”


As she made preparations to go to Wynn’s side, her father, Lecter van Mavis[1], called out to her.

Lecter grimaced at the sight of the noble lady who wasn’t dressed well and wore no makeup.


“You want to become the follower of some plebeian brat!? What are you, a member of the Ducal House, thinking!?”


“I am not acting as a member of the Ducal House. Is there anything improper about a disciple following their master?”


“It’s completely improper!”


Lecter stood up from his chair, pounding the ebony desk with his fist.

Lecter remained in that position, glaring at Leticia for a while. He eventually let out a sigh and sat back down in his chair.


“You see, you are now the Brave, and everybody in the world has their eyes on you, Leticia.”


“I know.”


“Naturally, there is nobody in the surrounding countries who doesn’t know who you are. Even countries who have isolated themselves, and those of other races would know your name. As your father, I am proud that our family name has spread all over the world.”



“Therefore, it is important that you remember that you are the third daughter of the Remulshil Empire’s Duke Mavis. I don’t mind the fact that you have a commoner as your master. There’s no alternative, if it’s true. But you should spread the name of the Baron-dono who was your tutor far and wide as your master.”


“I have no Master other than Wynn Byrd.”


In the first place, she had no memory of being taught anything by that Baron.

In the first place, the young Leticia was a child who couldn’t stand staying still.

More than other people, she was inquisitive, wandering towards whatever caught her interest. Whenever she studied, whether it was reading books with the tutor, or practicing her writing, the birds flying outside the window and the flowers blooming in the garden would catch her interest.

The tutor would scold her harshly every time her eyes left the book.

He spouted abusive words towards Leticia for lazing around, and in the afternoon, during the basic swordplay and martial arts training, he beat her severely with the wooden sword.

It must have been him venting his pent-up frustration from acting as her tutor, since he never got her during the lesson.

Whenever they sparred, she was knocked to the ground— or rather— it would be more accurate to say that she was beaten to the ground.

Her whole body would be covered in bruises.

He broke Leticia’s bones, and gave her cuts and bruises only in places that were not easily visible; The Baron was surprisingly skilled.

As a result, Leticia was labelled a dunce in comparison to her older siblings, and was treated as a black sheep of the Ducal House.

When Leticia’s attending maids, who washed her body and changed her clothes reported her wounds, the tutor just said that it was his carelessness.

Under the tutor’s guidance, her brothers and sisters could carry themselves with pride for being a member of the Ducal House, so Lecter believed the tutor.


“For a Duke’s daughter to call an unknown nobody the Master of the Brave, it is doing a disservice to high society for you to follow that young commoner boy. Our honour would be stained!”


“Unknown nobody… even if you’re my father, for you to call Onii—my master that, I would never forgive you!”


Leticia was incensed at Lecter’s words.

If the tutor had patiently taught Leticia slowly from the basics, in her studies, in her swordplay, in her martial arts, she may have awakened as the Brave faster.

However, it was with Wynn that she enjoyed reading books, learning magic, and moving her body.

In Leticia’s isolated world, only one person gave an unwavering light.

Feeling Leticia’s rage-filled gaze, Lecter flinched, but trying to keep up appearances as a father, he squeezed his voice out.


“Li-Listen, Leticia. You and this commoner boy you call “Master” live in completely different worlds. Are you willing to face the unhappiness of the surroundings not being able to accept it?”


“Not able to accept it?”


Leticia showed a faint smile.


“Why does it have to be recognized by somebody? Apart from me and Master, who else’s opinion matters?”


“A-anyways, I will not allow you to join the campaign. Certainly, you were chosen as the Brave, and you have the status to be able to not bow down to the Emperor, but you are still my daughter. You have to obey the words of the head of Mavis House.”


Lecter rung a bell on his work desk.

The Ducal House’s attendants opened the door and filed into the room.

They held in their hands excessively decorated frames, with what appeared to be portraits.

A total of six attendants entered.

Each person carried five or six drawings, making a total of 30 to 40 paintings.


“These are all portraits of your marriage interview candidates.[2]


“Marriage interview…!?”


Leticia’s mind recalled the time when Cornelia showed her portraits of various young aristocrats a few days ago.


“Not only from our country, but even royalty and prominent families from neighboring countries. You can choose a suitor from any of these.”


“Father. Why are we doing this? I do not wish to have a marriage interview. I have already dedicated my heart to somebody.”


“Is that the commoner you call ‘Master’?”


Leticia hung her head at Lecter’s words

From her anger to her bashfulness, and seeing her completely flushed face, her attitude was fitting for her age, but Lecter merely scowled upon seeing her attitude.


“There is also the proposal from Prince Alfred that His Majesty mentioned. His Majesty is very enthusiastic about the idea. Rather than some foreign nobility, Prince Alfred should come first. Of course, you can decline if he doesn’t interest you. It would normally be unacceptable to decline the Crown Prince after having the marriage interview, but your circumstances are special. At any rate, the Brave is an existence outside normal common sense.[3] The title of Brave is that important. I am proud of you as my daughter.”


Lecter’s gaze moved from Leticia to the attendants in the room.


“Leticia. You’re a member of the Ducal House. Please be aware of the status you hold. You all keep watch and keep her from leaving.”


“We will humbly obey, Master.”


“You’re not thinking something stupid as trying to force your way out, right? For your sake, and for the sake of the commoner brat you call ‘Master’.”


“If you lay a hand on Onii-chan—!”


Leticia’s voice was once again filled with rage. However, Lecter didn’t flinch. He merely looked at Leticia with a grim face.


“Take them with you.”


With one sentence, Lecter looked down at at the papers spread across his desk. His voice showed that it was final.

Leticia glared at Lecter, but at the urging of the attendants, she rose and left the room. In the doorway, she looked back for a moment, but Lecter paid her no heed, his expression showing that he wasn’t going to say any more.


‘What do I do, Onii-chan?’


If she used her power, nothing in this world could suppress Leticia.

However, apart from simple strength, Leticia was bound by the chains of her own status, as the Brave, and as the third daughter of the Duke.

More than the difference in status between Wynn and the nobles, Leticia and Wynn’s status were as different as night and day, just as Lecter had said.[4]


‘You and this commoner boy you call ‘Master’ live in completely different worlds. Are you willing to face the unhappiness of the surroundings not accepting it?’


She couldn’t respond to those words. Leticia’s status, which she had never desired, was a tall wall looming between Wynn and her.

She returned to her room, and looked out the window. She saw a single bird flying in the sky.

She wanted to throw away everything.

Her title as the Brave, and her status as a Duke’s daughter.

However, it was impossible.

Her exploits and achievements would be handed down for generations.

If Leticia desired, she could take Wynn and flee to another country. If she did that, she could leave behind the title of Brave and her status as lady of a Ducal House. Unlike any other noble lady, she believed she could live in any sort of environment.

But that would mean that Wynn would have to give up his dreams of becoming an imperial knight.

If Leticia begged him, that kind youth would accompany her. However, Wynn would end up abandoning his dreams. Leticia didn’t want that.

Just like a bird which had once again lost its freedom, Leticia stared enviously at the birds flying freely in the sky.

Translator Notes

  1. Expletive you レクトール… I was going to call you Lector, but considering your actions, I’ll call you Lecter. I don’t care if google comes up with Lecter being a last name. You deserve it. —back
  2. omiai… I rage-quitted here for a long time… —back
  3. Lawyer A will record this sentence against you for the trial. You have been notified. —back
  4. Translator’s liberty of idiom… —back

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It had been days since the doubtful news of Petersian army’s invasion reached the Knight Order’s headquarters, from a certain Knight Cadet.

If it were only a single knight cadet who reported it, the Knight Order headquarters may not have acted.

However, when a Duke’s daughter got involved, the significance of that Knight Cadet’s report changed.

And if that Duke’s daughter’s name was Leticia van Mavis, the Brave…

It took the army two days to prepare, and it’ll take a week on horseback to reach Nest Town.

When it was reported that the enemy forces were small, an advance party of 500 cavalrymen with high mobility was formed from the organization of the main body of the imperial army.

Among them, were Wynn and Locke.

Wynn was heading home to the Knight School dormitory after finishing his day’s work at the Wandering Bird’s Roost when he bumped into somebody.


“Wynn, Wynn!”

“Who? … Abel!?”

His whole body was smeared with dirt, his face was gaunt, and his eyes glowed with a strange light. He leapt at Wynn with enough force to push him over, and clung to him. It was Abel, the second son of the inn’s proprietors.

His appearance had changed to the point that even Wynn, who had known him since childhood, didn’t recognize him for a moment.

“Wynn! Wynn! I’m begging you, help them! Help Riggs, help my comrades!”

Abel grabbed Wynn’s shoulders with so much strength that Wynn grimaced.

However, Wynn couldn’t shake those hands off.

From the shadows under his eyes, he could tell that Abel hadn’t slept for a long time.

Moreover, how long had he gone without eating, then?

Wynn recalled the last time they had met, when they duelled in the backyard of the inn.

Compared to his figure of that time, Abel’s body had become terribly emaciated, to the point that Wynn was lost for words.

However, upon seeing the strength in Abel’s grip and in his eyes, which were completely different from the Abel of that day, Wynn couldn’t brush him off.

“Calm down, Abel. What happened? I won’t understand if you don’t explain.”

“Da…. Dam… Damnit! It’s Petersia. It’s Petersia’s army.”

“Petersia? As in the neighboring country? You met the Petersian army? DIdn’t you go on a bandit subjugation mission with the adventurers?”

“Those bastards from the Petersian army disguised themselves as bandits! Shit… I ran away in order to deliver the news… All I could do was run away… I should have already grown up… Riggs-san and the others are still there… They’re definitely going to die… Why did I… Shit… shit…”

Abel was clinging to Wynn while crying.

Riggs had also taken care of Wynn when he started visiting the Adventurer’s Guild.

He had guided Wynn and Leticia to become adventurers when they were children; he was their benefactor.

Apart from Riggs, there were also other adventurers whom Wynn knew among those who went with Abel.

He believed that they wouldn’t die that easily, but against the Petersian knights, even seasoned veterans like Riggs would be at a disadvantage.

In the worst case, the villages around Nest Town, and them would be—

“I’ll report this to the Knight Order. Calm down and start from the beginning.”

Wynn helped the sobbing Abel into the cafeteria of the Wandering Bird’s Roost.

“Wynn? What’s wrong with that drun— ABEL!?[1]

When Hanna realized that the broken, sobbing man Wynn supported was her cute second son, she was about to shriek— she put her hands to her mouth to stifle the sound when she saw Wynn’s stare.

Even though Hanna had known Wynn since he was a small child, this was the first time she had seen Wynn’s eyes with such a strong will.

Wynn gave off the feeling that she shouldn’t say anything.

Hearing his wife’s voice, Randell came out, stopped and gasped.

Even though he was used to the brawls between the adventurers and mercenaries, the intimidating air Wynn gave off overwhelmed him, so much so that hecouldn’t approach his son, and made Wynn look completely different.

It was late in the night, but the guests who were still drinking together all fell silent when they noticed the abnormal atmosphere.

“Wynn… You…”

Abel, who was closest to Wynn, looked at Wynn in surprise when he felt Wynn’s presence.

He was a servant who worked at the Wandering Bird’s Roost

He was their gofer.

He was a failure, an eternal knight cadet, only following a dream far above his station.

“You’ve calmed down— Are you alright, Abel? You’re tired and in a bad mood, but please tell us the situation.”

Abel felt that the presence Wynn exerted had an uncanny resemblance to Riggs when he talked to the villagers and newbie adventurers.

Abel had always been jealous of Riggs and the other adventurers’ high estimations of Wynn, always thinking ‘Why is it always him?’

However, after feeling Wynn’s presence directly, he could see why Riggs and other veteran adventurers had those evaluations.

He realized that he wasn’t looking at a servant who worked at the inn, but rather Wynn, the person who was still a knight cadet but aspires to become a knight.


Wiping away his tears, Abel slowly explained the situation.

He was sent by Riggs to convey what was happening at Torc Village.

As soon as he heard the situation from Abel, Wynn ran towards the Knight Order headquarters.

Riggs and the other adventurers, whom Wynn had known since he was a child, had entrusted Abel with important information.

For the sake of Abel, who had gone to the point of total exhaustion in order to convey this to Wynn.

Receiving dispatch orders for the campaign, Wynn and Locke went to the plaza in front of the Knight Order headquarters.

The plaza was completely paved with grey stones, giving it a dreary impression, unlike the outskirts of the Knight School building, where shrubbery showed traces that it used to be the old palace’s garden.

Upon seeing that absurd scene, Wynn realized that it wasn’t a mistake, and that the orders to assemble had really been sent to him. Wynn’s anxiety grew.

As he approached the plaza, he saw full-fledged knights, sporting the crest of the Imperial Knight Order, a twin-headed lion, engraved on the chest of their silver armour, wearing a knight’s sword on their waist, standing on alert.

Wynn’s feet stopped.

Lined up in front of him in an orderly manner, were the knights.

It wasn’t the first time that he had seen them fully armed.

He had also worked with fully-armed knights during the periodic subjugation mission.

The time when he and Locke broke into the fort was also the first time he crossed swords against the knights who supported general Zaunas that was led by Instructor Aldo.

However, unlike the the subjugation mission, which doubled as both a military operation and practice for students, the current gathering was in order to expel enemy forces.

Whether he liked it or not, Wynn felt the tension among the knights.

Right now, before his eyes, the knights of his childhood dreams were spread out.

He was still a student knight cadet, this was a world that was still beyond his imagination— towards that world, he began walking,

“Oh? The students are gathered over there. Let’s go.”

Locke’s words brought Wynn back from his thoughts and into reality.

He dazedly followed after Locke, who was walking to where the other apprentice knights and knight cadets were grouped.

“Sorry. I was slightly moved. You’re really calm, aren’t you, Locke?”

“Moved? Well, It’s not like I don’t get it. Maybe it just feels like a practice march to me right now…”

“Nonono, it’s completely different! It’s, kinda like…? The tension is really high.”

“Hmm, now that you mention it… the atmosphere does seem charged. Well, I guess we could die if we fight.”

“That’s right. From now on, we head for battle— we head for war. In a war, some people here will die.”

Locke looked at Wynn, who was walking beside him.

Wynn’s swordsmanship far exceeded that of the others.

He had completely shown that during the Zaunas incident.

Without using magic, without reinforcing his body, his swordsmanship was unequaled, even against senior knights.

He demonstrated why even the strongest Brave called him Master.

But that was only just when the knights didn’t use magic.

Wynn’s swordsmanship was meaningless on horseback.

That also applied to group fights.

In a group fight, where attack magic flew around, Wynn’s techniques were useless.

As a result, the role he was given was—

‘As expected, I ended up on reconnaissance.’

He was a scout.

Searching for the enemy was important, but those who followed them were also in danger.

Nonetheless, in Locke’s opinion, Wynn was perfect for scout duty.

Wynn, didn’t use reinforcement magic on his body, so he wore light armour, and he specialized in striking without letting the opponent having a chance to retaliate.

Since he didn’t wear metal armour, he was suitable for covert actions.

It would be surprisingly effective for Wynn to use his superior physical ability in a surprise attack to catch the enemy off guard.

The officer must be capable to be able to make the best use of Wynn’s abilities to kill.

“You’re so slow! Over here!”

As Wynn and Locke approached the group of students, a short girl waved her hands to greet them.

Beside her stood a student who stuck out from the crowd of students by a head.

“Yo, Wedge, and… Reeno, was it?”

“So mean~ You don’t remember my name?”

The short girl who glared at Locke with her hand on her hips was named Reeno, and the strikingly tall boy was called Wedge.

They both achieved good results in the same Apprentice Knight Selection Examination Locke took, and had the qualifications to become apprentice knights.

“I remembered it in the end, didn’t I? I only properly remember the names of cute girls.

“Okay whatever, and this… “

Brushing aside Locke, who was proudly sticking out his chest for no reason, Reeno stood in front of Wynn and looked up at his face.

“You’re Wynn, as in that Wynn?”

“I’m not sure what you mean by ‘that Wynn,’ but I’m probably that Wynn.”

Wynn thought: ‘Leticia is short, but this girl is even shorter,’ as he replied.

“Just like I thought! Hey, Wedge! It really is him. Look, the Wynn, who is rumoured to be Leticia-sama’s Master.”

She hopped back to Wedge, delightedly pulling on his arm, while speaking to him.

Wedge just smiled wryly and put his hand on her head.

Partly due to the height difference, they looked completely like a father and a daughter.

“You’re as taciturn as always, Wedge. And Reeno, did you have some business with us?”

At Locke’s question, Reeno separated from Wedge’s arm and turned towards Wynn and Locke.

“You two arrived so late. The order just arrived, and it seems that we’re in the same group.”

“Oh? A group made of only students?”

“No. It seems that it won’t be just students. Two actual knights will also join the group.”


“But in the end, I’m the only knight cadet in the group, huh…”

“You’re a cadet, but aren’t you also Leticia-sama’s Master? Nobody gathered here will look down on you.”

Wedge nodded in agreement.

Wynn realized that there weren’t any of the usual malicious stares today.

It wasn’t that there weren’t any stares.

The usual feeling was normally in the background.

“Hey, since Wynn-kun is here, will Leticia-sama come too? “

“No, it wouldn’t be okay for Leti to come, right? She’s not even a knight.”

Wynn shook his head when Reeno asked him with sparkling eyes.

“Is that so… Too bad. I thought it would be a chance to talk to her…”

“Speaking of, where’s Jade? None of the young masters of high nobility are here?”

“Those people are all with the main force. The people here are all like Wedge and I, lower class nobles, Knight families, all people outside the mainstream.

“So it’s like that.”

Even though the advance party was by no means small, they were at a high risk.

The children of the high class nobles wouldn’t be assigned here.


“Unsurprisingly, all of the knights assigned here are also those without influence.”

Locke let out a sigh while looking at the men who were walking straight towards them.

They were the two knights.

They would probably become their squad captains.

The four students lined up and greeted their superior officers.

“Tch, commoners are going to be my subordinates…”

Without even trying to hide his sharp remark, the man stood in front of them.

Instead of wearing the sparkling silver armour, he wore leather armour that looked like it was about to burst. There stood Count Elstead— Lieutenant[2] Royce, making a grimacing face.

Translator Notes

  1. She was about to say “drunkard” —back
  2. Literally: Leader of Ten Knights, but an actual rank. Roman rank decurion might fit, but I’m not sure if I want to make it into a Roman army… —back

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Clarification: Last chapter was mostly in the POV of a certain unnamed villager girl. This chapter is the same. However, it’s a flashback of her POV of the chapter 25 flashback. I tried to use “The girl” to refer to the villager, and “That girl” when referring to Leti. You’ll just have to use context clues for when I use “she” or “her”… Until I think of a better way to do it.

Approaching Shadows (3)

AN: There are cruel depictions in the latter half. It is fine to skip. (TN: This may be a recap of Leti’s flashback, but in the POV of the village girl, just like last chapter.)

Continue reading “YnO33”


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Approaching Shadows (2)


“…and that is the situation. I apologize. We will buy you time with all we can. You should evacuate as soon as you can!”


The adventurers gathered in the assembly hall in the center of Torc Village were hurriedly moving around with serious expressions on their faces.

Some of the adventurers rushed out of the village square.

Their faces were haunted by grim looks.

Even though the villagers surrounding the assembly hall did not understand the situation, just by observing the adventurers, they knew that the situation had taken a turn for the worse.

Here and there, anxious voices broke out.

A girl among the villagers was unable to hide her anxiety and hugged her father’s arm.

They had wanted to hear about the situation, but the villagers couldn’t interrupt as the adventurers ran about, yelling angrily.

They could only grind their teeth and watch.

The man who introduced himself as the leader of the adventurers in the assembly hall when they had arrived stepped forward.


Finally able to find out the situation, several villagers simultaneously asked for an explanation, and the man named Riggs started to explain exactly what was happening.


About how the village was targeted by a bandit group.

How the group was on the scale of two hundred men.

About how there seemed to be Petersian soldiers among them.

About how there was already a casualty from the adventurers who had scouted before.

How, given the current battle power, victory was unlikely, so they should flee to the neighboring town, Nest.


“So we’re abandoning our hometown?”


“Didn’t we request for you all to protect us!?”


Upon being told by Riggs to abandon their hard-earned work and beloved birthplace, the villagers drew near, raising their voices.






At Riggs’s roar, the villagers were instantly silenced.

He was still the leader of the adventurer group— even if they were normally different parties, all mixed together.

He was different from the simple villagers.

Scanning the silent villagers, Riggs opened his mouth.


“Don’t you see? You don’t have time to complain, and I don’t have time to listen to the complaints. Frankly, I don’t have the time to persuade you. So I’ll say this clearly. Alone, we cannot win against the bandit group and the Petersian army. If you don’t want to die, evacuate. Risk your lives and make for Nest. If you survive, you can return to your hometown. But if you die, that’s it. That’s all I have to say! It is your choice. Do as you please. That’s all.”


Saying that all in one breath, Riggs turned around and walked back to where the other adventurers were.


The villagers could only stare in surprise.

Nobody was even able to voice their concerns.

Riggs’s back exuded a bloodcurdling presence.

As he left, his words, which were in no way a joke, showed that the urgency of the situation was real.


“H-hey… what do we do?”


“Either way, we had better flee, as he said.”


The villagers slowly and sluggishly started moving.

Their faces were still in disbelief; was it all a lie? The doubt hung in the air, but they still started their preparations to evacuate.




“A-ah, let’s also prepare to flee.”


The girl was pulling at her dumbfounded father’s arm, so he also started walking.

They returned home, and explained the situation to the girl’s mother.

The girl’s mother, frankly, also seemed doubtful, but she helped her husband load and secure their belongings onto the cart.

She also began preparations.

In the first place, the village was in no way plentiful.

So they didn’t really have many important belongings.

They soon finished their preparations.


‘That’s right! The seeds and things that can be sold should…’


Glancing at her parents, who were loading tools for daily life, she headed for the shed where the harvest and wild plants picked from the mountains were stored.

They didn’t know how long they would need to take refuge.

The discussions mentioned a foreign army being involved.

If the the village was captured, then they would not be able to easily return.

In the worst case, they may even have to evacuate Nest Town.

The remaining scraps of medicinal herbs and bark, which were used to make medicinal pills, were also loaded onto the cart.

They could sell them to a general store or apothecary.

Although they wouldn’t be sold for a high price, it was better than nothing.


As she did this, the other villagers were also preparing to evacuate, and started to gather on the road towards Nest Town.


“Several adventurers will go ahead to Nest Town to request the feudal lord for reinforcements from the imperial army.”


The girl’s father was speaking to a villager acquaintance.

Nest Town was a town that expanded around the knight order stationed at a fort there.

Several years before, when a monster horde approached, devastating the surrounding villages and townspeople, the refugees established a small town centered around the fort.

Even the district’s feudal lord, since the city from which he governed was also destroyed, moved to Nest Town.

Due to that, there were two groups of imperial troops stationed at Nest Town, the feudal lord’s army, and the knight order.

If both the feudal lord’s army and the knight order hastened to reinforce the adventurers, they might be able to return to their homes sooner than they thought.

Compared to when Riggs spoke, the villagers felt more optimistic.

Meanwhile, the adventurers were gathered on the other side of the village, near the mountain trail.

After being able to somehow persuade the reluctant villagers, they demolished some of the cabins to build a barricade, in order to intercept the bandits that would emerge from the mountain trail.

The girl sat beside her mother, watching the scene.

She watched as the desolate landscape changed before her eyes and committed it to memory.


Suddenly, she saw a young adventurer boy set off on horseback in a different direction than Nest.

He was about the same age as her.

Since he was riding on horseback, she soon lost sight of him between the trees. However, it seemed like he was crying for some reason.

It was probably her imagination.

There was no way she would be able to see the face of a person riding away on horseback.


“That way is the capital.”


Her father murmured to her, who gazed at the direction the horse went..


“For them to head to both the feudal lord and the capital, it seems that it will be a few years before we’ll be able to return home. Why does this have to happen right now, at this moment?”


Nobody knew how the feudal lord’s army and the knights stationed at Nest Town would move.

They received news that reinforcements were sent for, so the villagers’ mood improved, but the villagers still remained anxious, walking in silence.

Although there were women and children carrying luggage all the way to Nest Town, if they didn’t rest and forced themselves to march all the way there, they could arrive by the afternoon.

For that, the adventurers who went before them would both report the information, and help prepare their refuge beside the town.

There were some townspeople who would refuse to give shelter to them, but the district’s feudal lord was generous towards his people, and would protect them.

But there was still worry that the situation would deteriorate.



He didn’t know how much time it had been since he left the village.


“Those are knights… from Nest Town![1]


When the sun was high in the sky, those with low stamina, the children and the elderly, took turns riding the cart as the villagers moved.

Among them the girl walked, her head hanging, just staring at the ground, when one of the villagers walking near the front raised his voice.

They could certainly see people riding horses in front of them.

There were quite a few people.


“We-we’re saved. They’re from Nest.”


Relief washed over them.

She also felt all the strength leave her body, feeling relieved.



Her father was leading them to Nest Town, but she had also gone there many times.

Her main purpose was to sell their produce, and use the money to buy goods.


They were largely self-sufficient, and could buy goods from the peddlers that periodically visited, but there were some things that couldn’t be bought outside the town.

Therefore, they had to go to the town several times a year.

Since it was a newly-developed town, it was much smaller than other cities in the empire, but since it was a developing town, it had a vibrant nature.

Moreover, she was also familiar with[2] the old Nest Town that was destroyed by monsters.

That was why, even though Nest was a small town to non-locals, it was a place that the girl yearned for.

When they needed to take some time shopping, they stayed at the usual inn.

To her, going shopping in the city rivalled the village’s harvest festival as one of the most enjoyable events of the year.

She had many strong memories about Nest Town.



That day, four years ago— this region was attacked by a horde of monsters.

Just like now, her parents, with the other villagers, fled to Nest Town.

They fled from the the monsters flooding from the mountain and the forest, barely reaching the fort with their lives

However, it was miserable within the fort.

All over the place, there were seriously injured people lying on the ground, groaning.

Among them, there were also those who had already died.

At that time, deaths were not uncommon, but that many deaths was unprecedented.


There was terror of the approaching death.


Outside the fort, the shrieks of people who were late to flee and the howls of monsters could be heard.

Within the fort, there were screams of half-crazed people, and also weak moans and cries.

There were also people who rebuked the surviving knights.

They cried for the knights to help fight, to help extend their lives.

Held in her parents arms, she could only watch as it happened.

She was only a child, powerless, and could only shiver in fear.


However, a single girl appeared before her eyes.


The people called this girl—”The Brave”.

Translator Notes

  1. Nest City or Nest Village sound okay, but Nest Town doesn’t… Is it because people were so lazy that all of the “Nest Towns” turned into “Nesttons”? Apparently I forgot that it wasn’t only Muricans do it… —back
  2. If this were in spanish, I would use “conocer” —back

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