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Leticia von Mavis, the Brave


At the royal palace of the Remulshil Empire, in the throne room (audience room)


On the dais was a throne. There, the eleventh generation Emperor, Alexei Lute Remulshil, was seated. On his right, were the Royal Knight Corps. On his left, stood the country’s chief ministers. Between them, a group of four people were slowly walking up the red carpet towards the throne. To the right, walked the prince of the neighboring country of Leon, Rauru Holt Leon, known as the Sword Saint. In the middle, walked the elven princess, with the title Great Sage, Tiara Belfa. On the left was the Holy Woman who served the Dawn Goddess Anastasia, who created the world, Liara Sayn.


In front of those three, walked a young girl. She stopped walking towards the throne. While the Sword Saint, the Elf Princess, the Holy Woman all bowed their heads, only that one girl casually faced the Emperor. However, among the knights and the ministers, nobody criticized her disrespectful action. That was because that girl was the Brave blessed by the Dawn Goddess Anastasia, “Divine Sword Princess” Leticia Mavis. The divine authority she was given was comparable to what the Emperor and other rulers possessed.


She had golden hair that seemed to attract light, and emerald green eyes. Her companions’ beautiful appearances were overshadowed by her beautiful face. Those assembled, who didn’t possess such a beautiful face, were enchanted. She exerted an imposing presence.


Standing in front of the Emperor, the dignified atmosphere that she gave off was in no way inferior to his.

For this reason, they wanted to:

“You have earned any reward you desire. So, Brave, won’t you marry my son and become the empress?” asked the Emperor, while bowing his head.

The Divine Sword Princess had destroyed the Demon Lord Army, which had damaged the many countries of the continent, and defeated the Demon Lord.

She was, originally, the youngest daughter of the Mavis Ducal House, but she became the Empress, she would have the domestic influence of the royal family, and, when combined with her prestige in foreign countries due to her military achievements, she could do as she pleased.

Even then, she already possessed enough power to defeat the Demon Lord, which had singlehandedly devastated countless countries.

It was a power that no human army could match.

Even then, regardless of race or nationality, everybody on the continent worshipped the Brave.

The nation began to be interested in obtaining her power.

The country’s crown prince, Alfred, was twenty-three years old.

Although the 14-year-old Leticia was 9 years younger, such an age difference was not uncommon among nobility.

Furthermore, there would be no objections, since she possessed exceptional beauty among the royalty and nobility.




“I humbly apologize, Your Majesty.”


The words spoken by her mouth were ones of denial.

Only the girl blessed by the goddess could deny the Emperor.


“Leti, is there anything that dissatisfies you about the marriage to the prince?”


Among the ministers arrayed in the throne room, the voice of a man in his prime called out.

It was Leticia’s father, Duke Mavis.


“At this time, I have just returned from subjugating the Demon Lord. I cannot think about such a thing at the moment.”




“It is fine, Duke Mavis.”


The Emperor cut off Duke Mavis, who was about to give a rebuttal.


“I certainly have rushed this talk too quickly. Therefore, please stay at the palace for a while, until you have sufficiently recovered from your fatigue.”


However, Leticia still shook her head at the Emperor’s words.


“I must apologize, once again, Your Majesty. I must report the successful Demon Lord Subjugation to my Master, at once.”


“Hou? The Master of Leticia the Brave?”


The Emperor leaned forward.

The Brave possessed the highest sword and magic skills of all humanity.

The country would gain outrageous benefits, if it could take in the Master of the Brave.

It wasn’t surprising that the Emperor leaned forward.

Somebody stuck out his chest proudly upon hearing these words.

It was the man who stood beside Duke Mavis, who worked as the Ducal House’s private tutor.

He had heard of his student, Leticia the Brave, who was making her triumphant return and had obtained an audience with the Emperor. As her teacher, he selfishly expected a reward, and asked that the Duke let him attend the audience with the Emperor.

Despite his low rank, he also held the rank of Baron, and thus, had no problem entering the palace.


‘At last, my name will be introduced by the Brave’


As the man who was Leticia’s tutor, who had grown beautifully, a smile emerged, while imagining that he would soon present his hand to the Emperor.


‘When I first took charge of her, I thought, What a foolish young lady she is! It was because of me patiently teaching her, her magic and even her swordsmanship improved. Which reminds me, it was me who wanted to build her a bokken. I had a heated argument with the Lady over the matter. If I think about it now, though they were vexing memories, they may have bit what brought out the diligence that formed the Brave.’


While teaching the noble art of swordplay, she appeared unscathed, but he would take his stress out on her.


‘Now that I think about it, though it’s a bit glossed over, my strictness caused the Brave’s awakening. Yes, the Brave standing here, right now, is the product of my benevolence.’


In his mind, he saw a scene of her introducing him to His Majesty, the Emperor. [1]



‘The gentleman over there is my teacher.’


‘Hou, so that person is the one?’


‘Yes, he has guided me strictly, ever since I was young.’


‘I see. So the secret of thy strength was that tutor?


‘Yes, Your Majesty. Master taught me both swordplay and magic, and I respect him deeply.’


‘For Mavis the Brave to speak so highly of him, he must be an exceptional person. His name is…?’


As His Majesty, the Emperor, permits me to speak, I raise my head and face him.




As the tutor immersed himself in his delusion, the Emperor and Leticia the Brave advanced their conversation.


“Why do you so urgently want to report to your Master?”


“I am thankful for Your Majesty’s consideration—”


“Fumu, I want to meet him once, the one called the Master of the Brave.”


“If that is the case, then I am right here!” the tutor almost called out.

However, before he could, Duke Mavis called out, drawing attention to him.


“Leti, your Master is right here. Hasn’t your report already reached him?”


In his heart, the tutor was dancing.

As his recent delusions turned into reality, he took one step forward and looked towards Leticia.

And there stood a smiling Leticia – in his delusions.

‘Who is this?’ She looked at the man with a puzzled expression.


“Could it be that you have forgotten the Baron-dono who acted as your tutor because you were young?”


“Ah, it has been a long time, hasn’t it?”


After a slight bow, Leticia ignored him.


“Leti, is your Master not this baron?”


Because Leticia did not show a shred of interest in the baron, the Duke asked her. The tutor beside the duke was stunned.


“Did you apprentice yourself while traveling?”


“I did not meet such a person.”


Tiara, the Elf Princess, responded.


“I have traveled with Leticia from the very beginning, and have not seen such a strong person along the way.”


“If that is true, then, where is this Master?”


The master who taught her magic and swordplay. Everybody was interested in that person.

She smiled at the Emperor’s question. It was a smile that even Tiara, who had accompanied her from the very beginning of the journey, only now saw; a smile that spilled onto her face and could not be contained.


“He is in the Imperial Capital.”


“What!?” “Such a personage is here in the Imperial Capital?” The nobles murmured.


“Because of this, I must apologize for being unable to stay in the palace. I will return to my Master, Wynn Byrd’s side.”


From there, the legendary Brave, Divine Sword Princess Leticia Von Mavis, moved.

That moment marked the moment when the name of the teacher, Wynn Byrd, was recorded in history.

His name was conveyed by ambassadors from every nation on the continent.



He was called, “The Master of the Brave.” [2]


Translator Notes

  1. (TN: single quotes in the dream sequence) —back
  2. TL: Title drop! Yuusha no Oshishou-sama! —back



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