YnO 22 – Arc 1 Epilogue

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Master of the Brave (Arc 1 Epilogue)

It was in the Cliffdorf estate at the imperial capital.

Many luxurious carriages were lined up before the gate, and from within them, noblemen all filed into the estate.
In the hall, an orchestra the marquis hired performed, while extravagant dishes and delicacies were served on a buffet table.
The table was also lavishly decorated with fresh flowers, giving off a resplendent image.
The dressed-up men and women engaged in small talk, and danced to the orchestra’s music, as waiters moved among them, offering the guests wine and juice.

There was a banquet at the Cliffdorf residence.
They were celebrating the prevention of the coup d’état, and the captain of the knight order and the generals had arranged it.
At the center of the banquet hall.
There, Jade was surrounded by the nobles who were part of the Cliffdorf faction.

“Jade-dono, were you promoted for having saved Her Highness the Imperial Princess?”

“As expected of General Cliffdorf’s son. The family is peerless.”

“Truly so. Also, the empire is safe again.”

Surrounded by the flattering smiles and comments of the nobles around him, Jade looked down at the glass of wine in his hand.

“No, no, I was able to rescue Her Highness the Imperial Princess, but I didn’t liberate the capital. I have come to realize that I am powerless.”

“In those circumstances, there was no way you could have done that. Rather, for even only having saved Her Highness the Imperial Princess, you deserve a substantial reward.”

Jade showed a relieved expression as the nobles surrounding him unanimously affirmed that statement.

“Since everybody is saying such things, I feel relieved from the bottom of my heart[1]. As I am still inexperienced, from now on, I will continue to respect everybody’s guidance.”

‘Those imbeciles!’

Contrary to his words and expression, Jade scorned the nobles in his mind.
‘Well, this imbecilic way of using flattery can still be used.’
At most, as they went around praising the Cliffdorf House, good rumours would also spread.
In this event, Jade was to be celebrated for having promptly rescued and sheltered the First Princess Cornelia Raul Cole Remulshil from the coup d’état faction.

“Not good, not good.”[2]

“Please calm down. Father.”

Jade frowned as he watched his father, Marquis Welt van Cliffdorf, on his feet, pacing back and forth.
They had successfully taken custody of Cornelia and were headed to the Cliffdorf’s vacation estate.
As they had summoned their knights to receive the princess, they received news that the coup was suppressed.

“Why!? They had occupied the fort. They activated the magic-sealing barrier.They would gain control of all of the empire’s institutions. Everything would have succeeded, but why did the coup fail?”

“Somehow, that Brave Mavis, intervened.”[3]

“The Brave intervened in a fight between humans!? Shouldn’t the Brave have been watched, or otherwise kept in check by the Seven-fold barrier formation? I thought they had used a demon! That incompetent Zaunas!”[4]

It was Welt, though his subordinates, who had introduced the black-hooded demon to Zaunas, who had feared the Brave’s intervention. [5]
Trusting in his subordinates, and not knowing that Welt had intervened, Zaunas was manipulated into using the the demon’s Seven-fold Barrier Formation as the countermeasure to the Brave that he was searching for.
Of course, Zaunas needed enough determination to borrow the strength of his mortal enemies, the demons.
After hesitating for a while, he borrowed the power of the demon, in order to check the strength of the Brave, Leticia van Mavis.
However, they were still unable to seal her with that much.

“We stayed on the sidelines, knowing the insurgents were gathering an army! Furthermore, using Princess Cornelia, we would have an excuse to attack the capital!”

After the insurgents harmed the imperial family, he could say that he raised an army by using under Princess Cornelia’s banner.
But with only an excuse, the Cliffdorf House would lose influence.
However, unlike the impatient Welt, Jade wore a slight smile.

“That’s not it, Father. I had taken Princess Cornelia into our protection.”

“What are you saying?”

“They can’t prove that we had any advance information about the coup d’état. At any rate, the ringleader was the empire’s hero, Sir Zaunas. I was in the same group as the princess, secretly guarding the princess, and protected her from the insurgents. And then, we raised an army.”

“However, will Her Highness consent?”

“I guess so… Then we should hold a banquet.”


“That’s right. At the suggestion of Father, the Knight Order Commander, we will invite those who were meritorious.”

“You mean, Brave Mavis, too?”

“We had sheltered Her Highness Cornelia, and raised an army to liberate the capital, but the Brave had quelled the rebellion first. When we invite Brave Mavis to the banquet, you, Father, will congratulate her along with the Princess. This will give the other nobles, and the populace the impression that we, the Cliffdorf House, worked alongside the Brave.”

In the end, Welt approved of Jade’s plan and held a banquet.
Thanks to their prior knowledge of the coup, the nobles of the marquis faction, and those belonging to the military did not come to any real harm.
On the other hand, their rivals, especially the Reinhardt Marquisate, which had lost their eldest son, had been weakened.
In this incident, many influential people lost their lives.
Though it wasn’t the best outcome for the Cliffdorf marquisate, it was an acceptable outcome.
The only problem was to explain why the Cliffdorf House was the only faction who didn’t sustain any substantial harm.
Despite this, there would be no influential people in the other weakened factions who could pursue the matter.
But they still had to pay attention to this matter.
Inviting the Brave and the royalty to the banquet would the cement the perception of the Cliffdorf as the foundation of the empire.
Due to the subordinate nobles, they had skillfully manipulated the perceptions.
Jade took a sip of the wineglass that he was looking at, and then greeted the arriving nobles with a refreshing smile.

It wasn’t just the principal nobles, but the nobles of allied nations were also present—

“Oh! Your Highness!”

A loud voice echoed through the hall.
Everybody’s eyes moved to the entrance of the hall.
Smiling as he entered, it was the 11th generation Emperor of the Remulshil Empire, Alexei Raul Lute Remulshil.
His daughter, Cornelia accompanied him.
The organizer of the banquet, Welt, hastened to kneel down and bow before the two.
Taking that cue, the whole hall knelt down.

“It is our highest honour to receive Your Highness at our mansion.”

“Umu. It is because your son has helped Our[6] daughter. When the father of that hero invited us, We couldn’t not go.”

“I am delighted to hear such gracious words. I am sure that the Princess was also worried by this incident.”

“No… Thanks to the Marquis, I was not injured.”

Cornelia bowed.
She used her willpower to maintain her smile.

It was clear to Cornelia that they had tried to expand their influence using the coup d’état, but Marquis Cliffdorf persistently insisted that he merely intended to shelter the princess and raised an army to retake the capital.
The fact that all of the nobles of Marquis Cliffdorf’s faction returned to their territories during the revolt, while the nobles of their rival faction was harmed, was clearly unnatural, but nobody was able to pursue the matter.

“This evening, the people assembled here have rendered distinguished service. Please extend your thanks to them, Your Highness.”

“Is that so…”

Maintaining her smile, Cornelia wanted to immediately take her eyes off of this man.

“That is so. Let us leave these matters for later. You may all stand. You have taken great pains in preparing this banquet. You may all enjoy yourselves.”

Bowing once more at Alexei’s words, they all stood.
The hall became filled with sound.
Welt raised his hands, and the orchestra that had stopped playing when Alexei entered began playing again, filling the hall with music.
Welt nodded, satisfied, and turned towards Alexei and Cornelia.
Ignoring the plodding Welt, who continued to greet people, Cornelia quickly glanced around the room.
She had been told that Wynn and Locke survived, but since then, Cornelia, having been shut inside the castle, was unable to meet them.
At the banquet, she had heard that many of the people who had played a big role were invited.
That was why, the ten or so students who survived the subjugation mission were invited, or so she heard.
In her group, apart from her, there were no more than four students who survived.
Though they should have been in that hall, but she couldn’t see the figures of Wynn and Locke.
Before she knew it, Cornelia was surrounded by nobles coming to greet her one by one.
They wanted to make connections with the person who was second in line to the throne.
There were also nobles who introduced their sons to her.
Listening to those flowery words, in which their intentions were plainly visible, she struggled to maintain her deteriorating smile with all her will, while searching for a glimpse of those two through the gaps in the crowd.

“Hey, why are we here in a place like this?”

“Isn’t it pretty much because we survived? At least you look fine, Locke. But with this being my first time, what should I do?”

“You ninny[7]. If you want to become a knight, experiencing this sort of place is a must, no? Well, did you think it was fine just to study diligently?”

The students that had survived the subjugation mission.

Including Wynn and Locke, four people from their group survived, but several students from the groups deployed to the fort also survived.
That was why they were invited to the banquet.
Though they were students, they were also nobles.
Only by obtaining the appropriate clothes, Locke was making acquaintances with the nobles.
Also, Locke was the son of a wealthy family.
Since he had experience with high society, he didn’t feel out of place.
Wynn felt out of place, being the only one wearing the knight school uniform.
Of course, the uniform was worn for ceremonial purposes, so it didn’t look strange in this place, but he stood out as the only one wearing it.
Unable to just let it be, Locke had arranged for clothes for him, but Wynn refused it, saying that the uniform was fine.

Now, he slightly regretted it.

At the beginning of the banquet, Locke also conversed with nobles he knew, and prominent merchants who were potential trade partners, whom Locke could not ignore, and exchanged greetings with them.
Left alone, Wynn had nobody to talk to.
In the end, there was nothing else Wynn could do other than reach for the food on the table.
However, since it was a banquet, he treated himself to the foods that he normally couldn’t eat.
He smacked his lips as he ate.

“Poor peasants also have poor eating manners.Don’t believe that you belong here.”

While he was eating, somebody called out to Wynn, who was gazing at the dressed-up nobles.


“Outside the school, it’s Lord Cliffdorf to you. Well, since you’re a commoner, I can disregard a little impoliteness.”

Leading his lackeys closer, Jade made a faint smile.

“At any rate, so you also survived, huh.”

“Cockroaches sure are tenacious…”

“If only for their resilience, they deserve some respect.”

They pointed scornful gazes at him.
However, in that place, they were nobles.
Wynn stood upright without moving, and wordlessly received their words.

“The group that caused the coup, were a bunch of plebeian knights like you. Commoners who defend His Highness the Emperor, are a burden.”

“It is as Jade-sama said.”

“As expected, an honourable job like knighthood should be given only to we of high nobility.”

Jade nodded in agreement at his follower’s words.

“That’s right. As Father has advised me, I have reported this to His Highness. Commoners really are just a liability.”

With a smirk, Jade and his lackeys turned their backs on Wynn.
Wynn remained standing upright, looking at their backs.
His face betrayed no emotions, but both his fists were tightly clenched.

Certainly, Instructor Aldo and the others did use violent actions to change the status quo.
However, who was the real cause of the problem?
Despite only foiling the coup d’état, they held this banquet without paying attention at all to the cause.
He understood Aldo’s and Sir Zaunas’s feelings

“Hmm? That’s…”

The departing Jade stopped in his tracks.
Before they knew it, the orchestra had stopped playing, and everybody’s eyes gathered on the entrance.
Wearing a simple, neat dress that was in no way gaudy, a girl had entered the room.
Though she hadn’t yet reached maturity, with her blond hair arranged, everybody let out a sigh upon seeing her divine beauty.
The attention everybody paid to their own country’s Emperor Alexei, and even Princess Cornelia, paled in comparison to that overwhelming presence.

It was Leticia van Mavis, the Brave.

She had entered with her Father, Duke Mavis, Lady Mavis, and also her siblings.
The whole ducal family moved towards Alexei, and knelt before him.
Among them, only Leticia remained standing, holding her dress in a slight curtsy.
Blessed by Goddess Anastasia, she was above the authority of humanity, and so she need not bow to any king of a country.

“We are extremely sorry for being late. Good day, Your Highness.”

“It’s a banquet. Don’t be so formal, Duke Mavis.”

Alexei took Duke Mavis’s hand, and helped him up.

“It has been a while, Brave-dono.”

“You haven’t changed, Your Highness.”[8]

Leticia smiled.
Leticia then looked towards Cornelia and greeted her.
Cornelia also returned the greeting.

“This is, His Excellency Duke Mavis, and this is Brave-sama. Welcome to my estate.”

Shamelessly breaking into the conversation between the Emperor, the Ducal House, and the Brave’s conversation without minding the situation, Welt approached with his arms held out wide,

“Thanks to Brave-sama’s efforts, we were able to stop the lowly insurgents’ schemes. Well, we had also raised an army in the defense of His Highness and the capital, but thanks to Brave-sama’s swift action, we were only able to rescue Princess Cornelia. As expected of Brave-sama.”

“It will become another chapter in the legendary history of the Brave, Leticia van Mavis.”

“Apart from being the Brave who slew the Demon Lord, you are now also a patriotic Hero who saved the country.”

The other nobles who were looking on, added words of praise.
Acknowledging their words, Alexei once again turned to Leticia.

“Brave-dono. In appreciation of your deeds, I had wanted to reward you, but you already have status, so We cannot think of anything else we can give you. You have not changed your mind about marrying Prince Alfred, have you?”

“I am pleased that you value me highly, but…”

Leticia softly rejected the offer with a small bow.
Duke Mavis made a slight grimace, while Welt smiled.
If the Crown Prince and the Brave were engaged, then the royalty’s influence would expand.
That ran counter to Welt’s plans.
In the coup d’état incident, the Cliffdorf faction was able to control the central part of the Knight Order.
The imperial family was also trying to fulfill their duty in this incident, but the nobles of the anti-Cliffdorf faction had lost their influence.
After this, even the Imperial Family and the Duke couldn’t easily oppose the power of the Cliffdorfs.
As Welt erased his smirk, Leticia and Alexei continued their conversation.

“Besides, the person who did the most work this time was not me. Somebody else was the one who accomplished the deed.”

“Hou… If Brave-dono goes so far to say it like that, then We would like to greet that other person.”

“That’s right. I believe it is the right time for me to introduce him to Your Highness.”

Leticia turned around. walking in front of Alexei.

‘Hmm? A more distinguished person? Who is it?’

Welt, who was unable to conceal the smile of having obtained power, felt a tinge of doubt at Leticia’s words.
Who was the person who had done more than the Brave, who had defeated Zaunas and stopped the battle between the knight order and the insurgents?
If this went awry, the Cliffdorf faction’s influence would be diminished, and an obstacle might appear.
If that happened, then he would need to take measures against that person.[?1?]
Welt, who trailed behind Leticia and Alexei, was deep in thought.
The nobles stepped aside before Leticia, forming a path.
The nobles who had stepped aside followed the gazes of the Brave and their Emperor.
Among the several ecstatic young nobles, a plain-looking youth wearing a school uniform stood there with a bewildered expression on his face.

Dressed in beautiful garments, Leticia, followed by the Emperor, slowly walked towards Wynn.

‘Eh? Eh? What should I do? Should I kneel?’

He had seen Leticia when she entered the hall, but his childhood friend was instantly surrounded by nobles.
It felt like she and the Emperor with whom she talked were a world apart from him, the commoner.
Recently, he had avoided doing more than greet her, but he could not even approach her during this banquet setting.
The people around them, their gazes moved to the place the Emperor and the Brave were headed towards, but instantly, the crowd broke into a commotion as the people who were in their way moved aside, exposing Wynn, and also Jade and his lackeys, who were standing in front of him.
Leticia was leading the Emperor in this direction.

‘What should I do!?’

He reflexively cried out.
Going with the flow, Wynn probably should also step aside.
However, since he was originally at the edge of the room, there was nothing behind him other than the wall.
Leticia and His Highness shouldn’t have any business with a wall, and moreover, Leticia’s gaze was fixed straight at himself.
Locke, who he usually relied on for times like this, was not anywhere near him.

Wynn nervously looked backwards, and saw Jade and the others kneel down gracefully.
Flustered by their actions, Wynn also knelt down.

His heart beat furiously.
His face, on the other hand, grew pale as the blood drained from his face.
The Emperor, who held rights from the heavens, was approaching.
His whole body trembled.
He couldn’t bring himself to look forwards.
Apart from the Emperor, eminent nobles followed behind him.
Wynn heard the conversations of those nobles.

“Oh, is the distinguished person Brave-sama referred to my son, Jade? That is so. He has saved the Princess from the hands of those traitors.”

“So it’s Marquis Cliffdorf’s son. I have heard that he saved Our daughter, so We were also planning on giving him Our gratitude.”

Wynn could only tell from the presences he felt, but Leticia’s feet have stopped.
In front of her was Jade, who had knelt down.

“Jade. This Brave Mavis-sama. You should greet her.”

“It is nice to meet you. I am called Jade van Cliffdorf. It is an honour to attend the same school as you.”

“Nice to meet you too, Mister Cliffdorf.”

“It may be my parental bias speaking, but my ingenious son, upon hearing of the plot, immediately moved to rescue the princess. As a father, I am proud to have a son like that.”

“I hope that we will treat each other kindly from now on, Brave-sama.”

Until then, Jade had only looked upon Leticia from afar, but he became breathless at the beauty drawing near.
Though she was only fourteen, it was unimaginable how beautiful she would grow to become.[9]
Her slender, graceful body was covered by a simple dress. It was hard to believe that her body possessed the power to overwhelm a whole army.

Jade was exhilarated.
He was able to become her acquaintance. After growing closer, he would obtain her.[10]
Jade showed a tender smile, and looked up at Leticia.


“Likewise. However, Lord Cliffdorf, would you mind getting out of the way?”

Leticia smiled for an instant at Jade, then instantly removed him from her sight.
That gaze was pointed at—

“… Brave-sama?”

Welt spoke out, bewildered.
The distinguished person she wanted to introduce was not his son?
Welt looked again at Leticia.
Flustered, Jade and his lackeys hurried to make way.
As the Brave and the Emperor walk on, the crowd who had held their breath broke into a commotion.
Leticia slowly walked forward towards a kneeling youth— and stopped in front of Wynn, then gently took his hand.

—”Who is that? Who’s he?”

—”That is the Knight School uniform. One of the survivors?”

—”However, it seems that he is not an aristocrat. Is he a commoner?”

Dubious voices were heard.

“Please stand up.”

At Leticia’s urging, Wynn stood.
The blood had completely drained from his face, and he looked pale.
Besides Leticia, who was standing in front of him, he was also unable to face Alexei, and could only let his gaze wander around.

As if dealing the finishing blow to the panicking Wynn, the whole hall was in an uproar.
Leticia had, without minding the wrinkling of her dress, knelt down.

The Brave, who was called “The existence closest to god,” did not bow to the head of a country, nor to a priest representing god.
That Brave had bowed down towards a commoner student.

Alexei, Duke Mavis, and Welt widened their eyes, speechless.

Jade also stared, dumbfounded.
The Brave had ignored him, and knelt respectfully before the commoner whom he so despised.
He couldn’t believe it.

‘What is happening? What kind of person is that commoner!?’


A small laugh broke out behind him.
Turning around, he saw Locke Marine, who was close to that commoner, standing there.

“Jade, the commoner whom you look down on is ‘The Master of the Brave,’ Wynn Byrd. ”

Locke whispered to Jade, and then chuckled.

‘The Master of the Brave… is it? That lowly commoner? That failure of a student?’

Before Jade’s eyes, was a commoner with a pathetic expression, on the verge of tears, unable to follow the course of events, scanning the surroundings.

That man showing a pathetic sight is—

While Jade’s thoughts halted from the disbelief, Leticia slowly looked up at Wynn.
The commotion gradually quieted, silence covered the hall, and only Leticia’s voice was heard.

“During this incident, due to the strength lent to me by my Master, I thank you as a student. My blade and journey was guided by you, Master. From now on, please guide this unworthy disciple.”

“Uh, no, umm…”

Unable to react to the circumstances, Wynn could only stammer, while Leticia looked up at him, smiling.
And then, Leticia turned around while kneeling.

“Your Highness. This esteemed person is my Master, Wynn Byrd.”

“.. This young man is?”

“During the incident, Master was the one who quickly disrupted the magic device at the fort, saving me from my predicament. He is the distinguished person who has done the most in this matter.”

“So that’s it. If that’s the case, We would like to offer you Our gratitude. Thank you. So this is the Master that the Brave who slew the Demon Lord respects. What do you desire?”

Wynn was even more flustered by Alexei’s words. Reflexively. he once again scanned his surroundings searching for a way to escape.
Then, he met the gazes of Cornelia, who was standing behind the Emperor, and Locke, who stood among the crowd surrounding Jade.

Cornelia smiled, and nodded once.
Locke held his thumb up, grinning widely.[12]
Wynn soon calmed down.

In the blink of an eye[13], his face became filled with closing a firm resolution completely unlike his previous expression, and looked straight at Alexei.

“If I may be so presumptuous, towards Your Highness. In this incident, Sir Zaunas and the others anguished over the trajectory of this empire. In their anguish, the reason for their actions are unclear, so please investigate the cause of the incident.”

He spoke.

Though he was a commoner, as a Knight Cadet, he spoke without regarding social status.
He began to regret it.

“H-, h-, how rude of a statement!”

Red-faced, Welt raised his voice.

“How outrageous, for a mere commoner! Your Highness! Those words from one of low birth—”

“Are you insulting my Master?”

Interrupting Welt, who had begun to advise Alexei, Leticia stood up and glared at Welt.
Welt, overwhelmed by the glint in her eyes, stepped back.

“Your Highness. As Master said, the root of this problem is deep. We should make it clear who bears responsibility for this with a thorough investigation.”

Welt felt Leticia’s withering gaze.
Everybody was overwhelmed by the presence she emitted.
Even Alexei was overwhelmed.

“Br-, so Brave-dono agrees with your Master’s words.”

“Also, Sir Marquis, you should not have done that, the mood is now ruined. Please, let the feast continue, everybody.”[?2?]

At Leticia’s words, the hall awkwardly returned to a buzz.
The orchestra also began to play some slow music.
Welt was still dumbfounded, but eventually scurried away.
He was probably formulating a plan for the future.
Sending him off with a pointed glare, Leticia turned back to Wynn.

“Thanks for your hard work, Onii-chan.”

“Leti… Y-, you wha…”

At Wynn’s weak protest, Leticia stuck her tongue out with an impish smile.

“For you to lead His Highness, and that those remarks just now. I thought my heart stopped.”

“It was revenge, Onii-chan. Haven’t you been avoiding me recently?”

“No… that’s… well, Leti is the Brave, and a Duke’s daughter, while I was a commoner.”

“Mou, It’s fine not to mind such things right?”

Locke wove through the crowd and approached.

“You now know that you have the title ‘The Master of the Brave.’ Why should you be so reserved? ”

“That’s right.”

Cornelia also called out from behind her father, Alexei, and walked towards Wynn.

“Wynn, Locke, It’s good that you’re alright.”`

“Your Highness…”

“Stop with the ‘Your Highness.’ Call me Cornelia.”

Cornelia smiled wryly at Wynn and Locke, who were about to kneel.

“What, you can’t believe I am the princess?!”

“Well, I thought you were the daughter of some noble, but I didn’t think you could be the Princess. Why are you at the Knight School?”

“I’ll tell you about that another day. Right now is Brave Mavis’s turn. Thanks to you, I was saved. I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“No, I was just doing what I wanted to do.”

Leticia smiled at Cornelia.

“We really stand out… I’m just an extra here.”

The Master of the Brave was also on good terms with the princess.
It wasn’t like the intense attention from before, but everybody’s gazes were collected there.

Before they knew it, Leticia had taken Wynn’s arm, and approached the food table.
Locke smiled wryly, seeing the commotion erupt once again, as the Brave fed Wynn the dishes.
Casually, he spoke to Cornelia next to him.
Though she had a pleasant smile on her face, if one looked closer, envy could be seen in her gaze.

‘I see, there will be big trouble later on, my friend.’

Locke let out a small sigh.

Before, when Wynn’s name was revealed, not many people were present.
Being highly classified information, the existence of the Master of the Brave was merely a rumor in the public.
But now, in front of a crowd, Leticia, the Brave, had personally bowed to Wynn, announcing his existence as the Master.

From then on, his surroundings would become noisy.
He had much influence — through the Brave— and they would definitely approach.
How much hardship will the yet naive Wynn face as he advances down his path?

‘The person himself just wants to become a knight.’

But from now in, everybody would see him as “The Master of the Brave.”
To his friends, and other people, how will his power help them?[?3?]
Then. as he walks on, what can we expect from in the future?

‘Either way, it will be interesting!’

Leticia led Wynn around, as the bewildered crowd gradually looked on with pleasant smiles, while thinking of the enjoyable future ahead.
Locke would be able to see it from up close.

The story of a failure of a knight cadet who walks on as “The Master of the Brave”.

AN: Now, the first part is finished. Thanks for reading until now.
Please wait as I write the second part.

Translator notes

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  8. I assume this is standard Japanese formality…–back
  9. I’m starting to suspect a lolicon author, and nobles, here…–back
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  13. or maybe with just closing his eyes to calm down?–back

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