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Thoughts of Four Years Ago (2)

The Brave, Leticia Von Mavis.

At merely ten years old, she was proclaimed by the oracle to be the Brave, and together with her three famous companions, the Sword Saint, Holy Woman and Great Sage, they went on an odyssey to defeat the Demon Lord.

She had enough righteous power as the Brave, and also enough magic power to be proud of.

With sword skills surpassing even the prodigal Sword Saint, her swordsmanship earned her the moniker “Divine Sword Princess.”

Passing through many battlefields, saving many cities and countries, she finally defeated the Demon Lord.

Her feat caused the inhabitants of the continent, including unrelated nobles of various countries, to rejoice.

Many countries and races went to investigate this great new Brave.

Besides the nobles and wealthy bureaucrats, every country’s newspapers collected information about her.

As a result, the newspapers had Leticia’s image printed on it, and the people were surprised and charmed.

Since she was the Brave who possessed overwhelming power, many failed to see that she was merely a 14-year-old girl.

With only her exceptional appearance, she exuded an aura of grace.

According to the people around her, anybody who met her directly felt something special about her.

Her fame spread across the continent, sometimes to the point of being worshipped like a goddess. She was a living legend.

Right now, the one called “Closest to God”, Leticia the Brave was…

“Leti, so you were there.”

“Etto, well… It’s just been a long time since I saw Onii-chan, I’m so happy!”

“Okay, okay, now sit.”


She was currently, downheartedly, sitting in a seiza pose, in front of Wynn, who had veins popping out of his forehead.

With her golden hair tied behind her head, she feebly hung her head.

“Oi, is this kid here the same one from yesterday? I didn’t notice it yesterday, but could you be Leticia-sama!? Why are you in our room? And for that matter, why are you kneeling!?”

It was Locke, who was panicking at the sight of those two people.

He was looking back and forth between Wynn, who had his arms crossed, and Leticia, who was in a seiza pose.

“Etto… Should I prepare black tea?”

“Calm down, Locke. It’s going to be breakfast time soon.”

Locke, who was preparing to rush out in his pajamas to get tea from the dorm dining hall, was stopped by Wynn.

“Etto… Locke-san? Please, don’t worry about it.”

The kneeling Leticia bowed to Locke with a troubled smile. Bokon!

“Aah. Why the heck is Leticia-sama in our dorm!? Why is she kneeling!? I don’t get it! Explain!!” the confused Locke shouted.

“Are? Didn’t you first meet Leti yesterday? Don’t you know her?”

Locke was getting the urge to hurt the nonchalant Wynn.

Looking closer, Locke’s face was on the verge of tears.

“For those who read the news, there is no way they wouldn’t know her!”

“Maa, calm down.”

“Or rather, why is Leticia-sama kneeling there!? Somehow, somebody please explain it to me!”

Having been grabbed by the collar by Locke, Wynn looked at Leti.

“Well… come here.”

Standing from the bed, Wynn invited Locke to the window.

While minding the kneeling Leticia, he stood beside Wynn.

“Huh? What is this?”

Locke looked outside the window and — It was as if a hurricane had passed through. Leaves were scattered all over the place, and the branches were stripped bare.

“Well, it was supposed to be morning practice as always, but…”

Wynn told the surprised Locke about the events that occurred while he was asleep that morning.


“Na… Le-Leti!?”

The kenki was fierce.[1]

Jumping out from the shadow of the building, the real person in Wynn’s imagination appeared.

Leticia swung her sword horizontally.



He stopped the blow with the edge of his sword, but he needed all of his body weight.

The wind pressure from her swing hit Wynn hard, but his body was somehow able to endure the hit.

Wynn appeared slender, but that was due to his training since childhood tightening his muscles, so he weighed more than he seemed.

Wynn was not blown away by the strike’s force, but he wondered, ‘Where is the power in Leti’s slender arm coming from?’

Somehow, he was able to ward off Leticia’s blow.

There, in that small area, they exchanged blows.

Against Leticia’s dizzying strikes, sometimes stabbing, sometimes slashing, he warded off the heavy blows while searching for an opportunity to counterattack.

He was only able to weather the blows, and was unable to counterattack.

“You’ve become stronger since the last time I saw you!”

“You too, Onii-chan. Not many people can push me this far, you know?”

Leticia smiled while swinging the sword.

She had a smug grin on her face.

She still had not gone all out.

In fact, each one of her blows could have been faster.

It was as if she had no limits…

Desperately trying to follow the fast strikes, Wynn continued to wait for his chance.

The work of defending against her many attacks strained his mind.

If he lost focus for a moment, he would be taken down in the blink of an eye.

Therefore, he aimed at the moment when Leticia made an especially deep step to attack—


He used the force of her blow to move himself away from her.

Arranging his breathing, he glared at Leticia.


“What is it, Onii-chan?”

Finally getting an opportunity —

He slowly lowered his sword in both hands, while approaching Leticia.

Leticia also held her sword in both hands and lowered it, questioning Wynn’s actions.



Putting his left hand to his forehead, he slowly looked around him.

“You… What will you do about this?”


Wynn’s gaze fell on the leaves on the ground, and the bare branches, caused by Leticia’s sword strike.

After that, Wynn and Leticia ended up trading their swords for brooms, and spent an hour sweeping.

“… And that was what happened this morning.”

“…Ah, well…What can I say…?”

With a speechless face, Locke looked at the still kneeling Leticia.

Since the dorm used to be the palace, there were various protective magics in place.

Since it was to be used as a school, a layer of soundproofing magic was added.

Unlike when it was a palace, now the noble children lived there. Since nobody was awake as early as Wynn was during his special training, complaints about the noise from his training would often reach the administration.

Since there was no damage to the dorm, and a few people knew who caused the commotion, there was no problem… except for the trees.

“Good grief…”[3]

Wynn was standing in front of Leticia with his arms crossed.

The Leticia that was looking at Wynn with upturned eyes actually seemed like a girl her age.

Thus, Wynn began to speak.

“Ne… Why the heck did you suddenly attack me?”

“It’s been a long time since we met, hasn’t it? I wanted Onii-chan to see my strength.”

“Even so, didn’t you just suddenly do something reckless!?”


At Wynn’s sharp reprimands, Leticia slumped her body.

“Even if your skills have markedly improved, you didn’t notice your surroundings at all, did you?”

From there, Wynn’s long tirade started— to which Locke said, “Just leave it be already,” interrupting him after half an hour.

At Locke’s words, Leticia, who was kneeling while hanging her head, looked up at Wynn.

“Na, Leticia-sama has already reflected.”

To Locke’s words, Leticia assented with a “mhmm”[4]

With her teary-eyed expression, the Brave’s former dignity was completely gone.

“Well, since Locke said so, and because it’s almost time for breakfast soon…”

“Un, I’m hungry.”

At the first sign that his sermon was ending, Leticia immediately thought of her hunger.

This was due to the sword match they had.

Even Braves get hungry.

Due to having been in seiza for a while, Leticia stood up unsteadily.


“Nn, Thank you.”

Leticia smiled delightedly at Wynn, who was helping her up.

“By the way…”

Locke called out to the two people.

“How is Wynn so close to Leticia-sama?”

“Why? It’s because we are childhood friends.”

Leticia, who was still unsteady, replied.

“Before Leti left four years ago, we were always together. She’s my best friend.”

“Best friend…”

For a moment, Leticia’s face clouded over, and she muttered, but Wynn and Locke didn’t hear her.

“I never thought that we would meet again, but now she has returned.”


“Was she returning from the Maou suppression?” Locke interjected.

“Well, you are the daughter of a nobleman, after all; but I never thought you would get married away at ten years old. But Leti, did you wave your sword like that at your new family, as well? Seems like you met a nice sword tutor there as well, but you know, that’s precisely why you’ve been sent back home, right?”

Wynn basically only worked and trained after class, to pay his expenses.

Thus, within the school, he, who was a commoner, only knew certain people, including Locke.

Hence, Wynn didn’t know the truth.

At least, he knew that the Brave had defeated the Demon Lord, but he had never heard the name of the Brave.

Furthermore, having never seen the newspapers of the wealthy (Locke saw the news while staying at his parent’s estate during the break), it was natural that he did not see the portrait of the Brave.

Leticia and Locke were speechless.

For Leticia, it was because she was misunderstood as having been married off on the trip.

For Locke , it was because he was amazed by Wynn’s ignorance.

Thus, he considered Wynn’s attitude towards Leticia a while ago.

‘Well, in some cases, ignorance is bliss… Nonetheless, if Wynn knew that Leticia was the Brave, his attitude wouldn’t have changed,’ he thought.

Translator Notes

  1. Sword pressure – Intent to attack with the sword – killing intent – Something hard to translate. —back
  2. a grunt of sorts? —back
  3. Literally: completely.( 「全く……」 the idiom) —back
  4. mhmm was an onomatopoeia —back

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  1. Nice, now I have an idea on what was going on … no insult intended but I was lost by the end in the other version, especially with editing it in my mind, and half of that was just guesses … if it gets too much to edit all of it maybe try advertising for an editor in the Translator’s corner on NU and other places.


  2. Personally I think you should kept with the term used before vs using “kneeling”. How she is viewed is completely different with that one word change


  3. Thanks! (First time I say, since I don’t really comment)
    Are you talking about the ‘youtube’ link in chapter 7? If so, I found it. 😀


  4. As always, here are some corrections 😀

    「おい、この子は昨日の子だよな? って、昨日は気づかなかったけど、もしかしてレティシア様!? 何で俺らの部屋に? というか、何で正座!?」
    “Oi, is this kid here the same one as yesterday? I didn’t notice it yesterday, but could you be the Leticia-sama!? Why are you in our room? And for that matter, why are you kneeling!?”
    >Replaced «I may be mistaken»

    「あれ? ロックはレティとは昨日が初対面だったよね? レティのことは紹介したかな?」
    “Are? Didn’t you first meet Leti yesterday? Hasn’t she introduced herself to you?”
    > Pretty sure he’s feigning ignorance, haven’t you been introduced to her? As in, don’t you know her?

    »If it’s the same person as the one in the news, there is now way I would understand this situation!”
    >For the people reading the news, there is no way they don’t know about Leticia-sama!

    While minding the kneeling Leticia, he stood beside Wynn.
    >Replaced «Without» with «While».

    The sword strike was fierce.剣気 – Sword pressure? kenki?
    >The intent of an attack from a sword. Really hard to translate yeah.

    “Be…”a grunt of sorts?

    The wind pressure from her swing hit Wynn hard.
    >You forgot the part «どうにかこらえようとするウィンの肉体»
    where she hits Wynn’s body who somehow endured the hit. Not essential, but just to mention it.

    “Finally! Now, you can see how strong I have become!”
    >Should be «You’ve become even stronger since the last time I saw you!»

    “Onii-chan, aren’t I handling the sword well?”お兄ちゃんだって、私の剣をここまで捌ける人ってなかなかいないよ?
    >»You too Onii-chan. There aren’t that many people that can make me use my sword like this you know?» Should be better ways to phrase that.

    He slowly lowered his sword in both hands, while approaching Leticia.wording in this one and the next sentence… ウィンは両手で構えていた剣をゆっくりと下ろすと、そのままレティシアに近寄っていく。
    >Sound great to me 😛

    “…Ah, well, If you say so.”
    >»…Ah, well, what can I say…»

    Since it was to be used as a school, a layer of soundproofing magic added. not sure if soundproofing was added or removed…  また、学校として使用されることになって防音魔法も重ねがけされていた。
    >It was added to

    Since there was no damage to the dorm, and everybody knew who caused the commotion there was no problem… except for the trees. Very guessy… だから、寮には被害は出ていないし多くの者はこの事態を引き起こしたのが誰なのか知れ渡ることはなかったのだが、さすがに木々にはその恩恵はなかった。
    >Very few knew who did it.

    “Good grief…”「全く……」 the idiom?
    >Indeed 😀

    “Even if your skills have markedly improved, you didn’t see your surroundings at all, did you?»
    >Maybe «didn’t notice» would flow better?

    From there, Wynn’s long tirade started– to which Locke said “you should get up now,” interrupting him after half an hour.
    >Locke said «Hey, just leave it be be already»

    To Locke’s words, Leticia assented with a “mhmm”wording : ロックの言葉にブンブンと首を縦に振るレティシア。
    >The onomatopoeia of her nodding. ブンブンと首を縦に振るレティシア

    Even the Brave was hungry.  勇者とはいえどお腹は空く。
    >Even heroes get hungry. Or “Even though she may be a Hero, she still gets hungry”

    「まあ、貴族のお姫様だとは思ってたけど、十歳で嫁いで行くとは思わなかったよ。だけど、レティ。嫁ぎ先でもさっきみたいに剣を振り回してたんだろう? あっちでいい剣の先生に巡り合えたみたいだけど、そんなだから故郷くにに帰されるんだぞ?」
    “Well, I thought that as a noble daughter, she was to be married off at ten years old. However, Leti, you married into a house that lets you use the sword? If you met a great sword teacher there, why did you return?” 「まあ、貴族のお姫様だとは思ってたけど、十歳で嫁いで行くとは思わなかったよ。だけど、レティ。嫁ぎ先でもさっきみたいに剣を振り回してたんだろう? あっちでいい剣の先生に巡り合えたみたいだけど、そんなだから故郷くにに帰されるんだぞ?」
    >”Well, you are the daughter of a nobleman after all, but never did I think you would get married away at 10. But Leti, did you wave your sword like that at your new family as well? Seems like you met a nice sword tutor there as well, but you know, that’s precisely why you’ve been sent back home right?”

    Thus, within the school, he only knew several people, including Locke.
    >Missing how he is a commoner


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