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Thoughts from Four Years Ago (1)

Even before the rooster began to crow, Wynn was already awake.

Ever since he made the oath when he was five, he would always wake up at this time, without exception.

Looking around the small room, he saw Locke on the other bed, still snoring.

Carefully, as to not wake Locke up, he changed into his training clothes, grabbed his practice sword, and then left the room.

Outside the dorm, the spring dawn wind was very chilly.

After warming his body up with a light warm-up, he began swinging the practice sword.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Only the sound of the sword cutting through the air could be heard in the tranquil morning.

Wynn would repeat this scene every day.


Something was amiss.

Today, something was off, causing his sword swings to be off.

He stopped his swings to adjust his breathing, and closed his eyes in concentration.

His head was filled with thoughts of his now-strong close friend, Leti.

He could see her figure clearly in his mind.

During yesterday’s entrance ceremony…

The noisy cathedral immediately became silent.

Only the sounds of breathing, and slight movements could be heard, and in that silence, a lone girl walked to the middle.

In the cathedral, was a tall platform.

Their backs straightened as her wasteless steps exuded a cold atmosphere.

As she walked up the stairs, the sunlight that passed through the stained glass shone on her golden hair, and her hair exuded a soft glow.

The girl’s figure attracted the attention of not only the students and the teachers, but also the Knight Leader, temple officials, and the invited nobles.

Without any tension at all, the girl reached the top of the stairs, and slowly turned around.

At that moment, unexpectedly, her body was bathed in light — Everybody saw that mirage.

An unbelievable presence.

The sight of the girl left everyone breathless. However…

Suddenly, her frigid appearance turned into a gentle smile.

As if time had once again restarted, the atmosphere became relaxed, and all around, sighs of relief could be heard.

“How are you, everyone? I am the Freshman Representative, Leticia,” Leticia spoke.

Once again, silence took hold of the cathedral.

The sounds of people settling down was heard within the cathedral.

“I was chosen as the representative, but unlike you, I am not aiming to become a knight. That said, I do have a lot of battle experience, which I hope to share with you all.”

Closing her eyes, she slowly put her right hand to her chest.

“Even though the Demon Lord has been defeated, there are still many threats to the world. As knights, you must protect the people around you. Together, we shall learn. Together, we shall work. Then, someday, together, we shall fight.”

She bowed slowly.

One by one, people started clapping. Soon, the once silent cathedral was filled with the sound of thunderous applause.

As Leticia slowly straightened her body, the people in the cathedral saw a smile blossoming on her face.

The person standing on the stage during yesterday’s entrance ceremony was his close friend Leti.

If one looked at Wynn, they would see him standing at the end of the line of new students.

‘In merely four years… To think that in those four years, she would change that much.’

Shaking his head while exhaling, he renewed his concentration.

He thought of Leticia’s silhouette wielding her sword.

Until then, his image of Leticia was the one from four years ago. Now, he was able to imagine Leticia’s distinct figure preparing her sword.

The incongruity in his sword swings just now was caused by the difference between his image of Leti and reality.

Therefore, after reconciling the difference, he was able to swing it properly.

The sight of Wynn practicing each day returned to normal.

However, the scene was slightly different today.

At a glance, it hadn’t changed at all.

However, somebody was hiding in a building, looking at the boy two years older than her, who was solely swinging his sword.

It was a scene that Leticia had watched every day.

In those days, she herself, had spent her time similarly.

It was as if the scene was being repeated right now.

Every day, the tutor would compare her to her older sisters.

For better or for worse, her docile sisters would comply with the tutor’s orders, and learned the etiquette and behaviour befitting a noble lady, while Leticia only remembered bad memories of being scolded for being unable to memorize the alphabet.

“You can’t even do these things. Your elder sisters were able to this at your age, you know?”

“Why are your movements so unrefined? There isn’t a shred of elegance in them.”

Her parents would receive the tutor’s reports, which contained only praise for the two obedient sisters.

One morning, Leticia woke up, slipped out of her room, and exited the gloomy mansion.

Without being able to do anything well, she was scolded every day.

Their master’s attitude also influenced the servants.

Even the servants would look upon her scornfully.

Even though they did it while they thought she wasn’t looking, the extraordinarily perceptive girl endured those gazes without snapping.

And so, she ran.

With only thinking of escaping, she ran away from the gloomy estate.

Although there were many guards patrolling the large estate, the young Leticia was able to reach the gate without being seen.

The young gate guard would yawn with a “Fuaa…” sound.

In that interval, Leticia slipped under the bars, and successfully exited through the gate.

It was Leticia’s first time outside of the estate alone.

She hadn’t chosen a particular destination.

She merely wanted to run away from the detestable lessons.

Even then, Leticia ran in the cold morning of the capital.

Even adults could get lost in the vast capital.

To the 6-year-old Leticia, it was a great adventure; even if it was only exploring the straight main street.

She walked down the street while the city was still asleep.

Despite the great adventure that was exciting at the start, the girl started to feel lonely in the silent streets.

It was as if she were the only one in the world.

It was scary.

However, she didn’t become agitated.

Feeling these feelings that she didn’t understand, she started walking, regaining her spirit with each step.

At that time….

A lone boy appeared in the down-hearted Leticia’s view.

Holding a wooden stick, he was wholeheartedly swinging it.

Was he practicing swordsmanship?

Compared to her elder brother, who was learning swordplay, his movements were unrefined. However, they still captivated her.

Despite the shoddy movements, it was full of vigor and enthusiasm.

His eyes were shining with the light of determination as he swung the stick while gritting his teeth.

The young girl sensed this atmosphere.

She had longed for company in her little adventure.

The boy noticed her stare and looked at her.

Without thinking, her curiosity outweighing hesitance, she gathered her courage and approached.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m training.”

“Is that interesting?”

“I don’t know whether or not it’s interesting, but it’s pleasant.”

“May Leti do it, too?”

The boy agreed, and Leticia picked up a fallen stick, and swung it beside the boy.

At this, the boy stared at her for a while, while breathing a sigh, “Fuu…” and started swinging with her.

Although he was swinging his stick, he would sometimes observe Leticia.

Worry and bewilderment mixed on her face.

It was the first time in a while that someone had paid attention to her.

After the training, when Leticia finally said, “Good morning.” to the boy, and timidly asked if she could join him tomorrow, the boy nodded with a bewildered expression.

With the merry feeling overshadowing the fact that she had run away from home, even when she returned to receive a strict scolding from her parents and the tutor, the feeling did not fade.

Because she had found a place where she belonged.

From then on, she would meet the boy every day.

After asking the tutor, she received a bokken.

After a while, her parents no longer paid attention to her escapades.

They only paid attention to Reiruzu and her two elder sisters, about whom the tutor sang praises.

For Leticia, this was convenient.

That boy, Wynn, would always train alongside Leti.

Even when they ran, he would run alongside Leticia, never running at an unreasonable speed.

Even when practicing with the bokken, despite being able to handle Leticia’s strikes, he never injured her, but rather slowly instructed her.

She naturally understood Wynn’s teachings, unlike the when the tutor would forcefully give her an unreasonable amount of material.

When the tutor assigned her a book, she would take it from the mansion to Wynn, who would happily read it, and they would work through its contents together.

Instead of the tutor’s method of forcing the information onto her, she understood it when they thought through it together.

In the year that she spent with Wynn, she felt herself grow and mature.

She was even gradually able to understand her elder siblings’ swordplay and magic lessons.

Even after the tutor had the attitude of having given up on her, she still learned magic and swordplay from him.

The tutor had already given up on her abilities; therefore, they were unable to recognize her true ability.

Until that fateful day, when the oracle announced Leticia to be the “Brave”.

Wynn silently swung his sword.

Leticia silently held her hand to her chest and closed her eyes.

During her journey, when many painful things occurred, she would think of Wynn, and become energized.

Courage would gush forth.

When those painful things occurred, it was because she would borrow his unyielding determination and believed that she could persevere.

‘The one who guided me was you. Because I wanted to meet you, I became not just the Brave, but a determined person.’

Leticia could clearly see Wynn swinging his sword.

Her current ability was far from the her in his image.


She unconcealed her presence.

Drawing her practice sword, she suddenly jumped out of the shadows.


“Na… Le-Leti!?”

Striking at Wynn with overwhelming pressure, she covered the ground between them instantly.

‘This is my true power now!’

Leticia was now standing beside the boy she had wanted to stand beside for so long.

‘Surely, it was because of you, that I was able to believe and struggle on up to this point.’

AN: After four years, the two finally cross swords.

Leticia’s perspective of the past.

Next time on YnO: Wynn VS Leticia, desu. Little by little, the story begins to move.[1]

Translator Notes

  1. (TL: I reserve the right to embellish the Author Notes as much as I want!) —back

Translator Notes and References

1. ?
2. Changed from first person
3. ?剣を構えた?
4. Any suggestions on how to better use 光景
5. ?
6. ?middle part of raw?
7. imprecise. Grammar of とって?
8. imprecise, i think…


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  1. He should loose really bad – he has no great training partner and his extra training went into anti magic… she was better than he was years ago, she had good training partner, good enemies and more talent… so if she doesnt trash him badly it would be kinda wrong.


  2. Thanks for the translation! Have a cookie!

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    Also, for another story… Well, what about this one: CHIHOU KISHI HANS NO JUNAN. I read the manga and found it really amusing. And I don’t think there’s any other group TLing it either. Basically, its the story of a knight having to deal with japanese otherworlders appearing in the city he guards.


  3. I decided I want to try and fry my brain with google translate, but can’t find the link for the WN. Maybe its somewhere, but I just can’t find it. Not even animesuki has it, if you could put it somewhere maybe the TOC or something.


  4. I wonder if it’ll be pure swordplay. And I wonder if his own unorthodox training will balance him against Leti’s formally trained style (that she got after parting ways).

    Either way, I’m looking forward to the passion that blooms in a duel.


  5. Thank you for the chapter.

    Considering a couple of the comments, I think I should point out one thing I have noticed from reading ahead a bit (via Google TL). The vast majority of knights seem to focus as much or more on using Body Enhancement Magic as they do on learning – let alone using – techniques.

    From their perspective it is the best choice. Why learn to use more efficient techniques if they can magically re-enforce their endurance to out-last their non-enhanced opponent? Why learn complex advanced techniques when they can magically enhance their speed to the point that they are easily avoiding such techniques and use the same speed to strike at – to them – seemingly slow moving foes? Why learn techniques that will allow them to precisely strike least armored points and deal the most damage when they can magically enhance their strength to brute-force enough damage to tear through normal armor – and magically enhance their sword to endure the blow without shattering?

    That is what Wynn has to deal with. He has – of necessity – had to develop techniques to deal with foes that are *always* stronger, faster, and more enduring than himself. This is not even taking into account any magical effects they can also use. The knights do not usually need techniques to win, so they don’t bother to develop more than the minimum necessary.

    But this is also Wynn’s strength. Per the earlier chapters the only reason he did not advance during the prior end-of-year test is that he was randomly placed against one of the best cadets of the year. Had it been a middle-ability cadet or worse, he would have advanced, so incredible are his techniques and un-enhanced abilities.He has, out of necessity, developed techniques to even win against (typical) cadets and knights, despite always being weaker, slower, and less enduring than them.

    Letti, by comparison, learned the foundation of those same techniques, but then she went in a different direction: after leaving Wynn she was taught and trained to use body enhancement to make up any difference (and more) when fighting dangerous foes. In pure technique, the two are about the same: she has faced more dangerous situations, has developed the foundation Wynn gave her in real combat, but he has developed even more advanced techniques, albeit only used them in sparring matches. If she adds body enhancement magic, however, then she is the clear superior.


  6. 1. «Something was amiss», may work too.
    2. In this case, 並んで座っていた means that he assumed position at the end of line
    3. Brandishing/wielding a sword
    4. Hmm, not sure myself either
    5. «With only that on her mind, she walked towards the still dimly lit garden of the estate».
    6. «Urged/spurred by feelings she didn’t know, she started walking, gradually regaining her spirit»
    7. «That came naturally to him/Wynn. This made her happy unlike her home tutor trying trying to teach her an unreasonable amount of knowledge at once». That came of very stiff. The meaning is that her home tutor was trying to teach her thing she did not understand, plus the volume of it. That Wynn taught her so well, which came of naturally to him, made her very happy.
    8. I think it works fine 🙂


    1. A few more:

      Also, “I was chosen as the representative, but I will be studying with everybody to become a knight. That said, I do have a lot of battle experience. I hope to share that experience with you all.”

      Should be: “I was chosen as the representative, but unlike you, I’m not aiming to become a knight. That said, I do have a lot of battle experience which I certainly hope I can share with you.”

      “At a glance, it seemed like there weren’t any differences.” is a bit weird since it’s the monologue of Leti which should make it a bit more personal. “It hasn’t changed after since the beginning”(this was stiff :P) or “It hasn’t changed after all these years.”

      “It was a scene that Leticia had once watched every day.” You can omit the “once” 😛

      “Before then, it was always the same scene being repeated.” should be
      “It was as if the same scene was repeated even now”

      “However, she didn’t become agitated.” should say that she didn’t want to be an object of anger or something like that.

      “Leticia had never enjoyed other people’s attention.” should be that that was a moment where she got attention from another person since a long time.

      Looking forward to your next chapter :3


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