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She was the first princess of the Remulshil Empire, Cornelia Raul Kooru Remulshil. [3]
She was second in line to the throne.

Cornelia was the imperial family’s only daughter, so aside from blood relatives and those who married in, it was intolerable for her to be touched directly by somebody.
Knowing this, none of the nobles approached her.
People from the marquis houses, such as Regin and Jade were an exception.
On the contrary, they actively approached Cornelia. They saw her as a way to immediately become part of the imperial family.
Of course, Crown Prince Alfred was first in line to the throne, but being her second in line was very valuable.
Because if anything happens to Crown Prince Alfred, she will undoubtedly inherit the crown as Empress.
However, even if they are the sons of prominent nobles, they shouldn’t approach Cornelia carelessly.
If they were to approach her against her will, the emperor might even give them a death sentence.
However, not only was this to protect her, but it was also her father the Emperor’s selfish desire, which caused her to be isolated at the Knight School.

With Jade at the front, she walked through the forest, between four knights.
Due to the scout soldiers who had cleared the path, rather than a march, it was more like a walk in the park.
They continued walking, and eventually, reached the highway.
There, was a luxurious white carriage, and on it, the golden crest of the marquis house was extravagantly engraved.

“Well then, Your Highness. Your hand please…”

Jade climbed into the carriage first, then held out his hand to Cornelia.[4]
However, Cornelia didn’t accept his hand, and wordlessly boarded the carriage herself.

Jade, who was brushed off, momentarily showed a discouraged expression, but then urged Cornelia to take a seat.
Without any particular reason to reject the offer, she took a seat.

“Alright, let us set off.”

At Jade’s command, the carriage started moving.
‘Is there some sort of magic spell going on?’
‘I can’t feel the shaking of the carriage at all.’
‘This level of performance should only be found in a carriage for the imperial family.’
‘In order to make this carriage, how much gold was used?’[5]
The one servant who acted as a mediator between them held out a cup of black tea.
Judging by the smell of the tea leaves, this was also of the highest quality.
The teapot which held the tea also seemed to be magically insulated, since the steam rose from the cup.
She took a sip.
‘About these circumstances…’
‘It seems that it isn’t poisoned.’
Since her mouth and throat was parched due to the tense situations, the tea tasted extremely good.
As if it immediately disappeared down her throat, she drank the tea.
It was a reminder to herself what kind of people Jade and his company were, and it intimidated her.

After having drank the tea, Cornelia took a breath, then met Jade’s gaze.

“So, what type of role will I play in your plan?”

“Please understand. You will merely be our figurehead.”

“Your objective?”

“After we eradicate the rebel faction opposing the throne, you will ascend to the throne.”
“You will not stop the coup d’état?”

When Jade was asked this question, he smiled.

“At this point, even if we take action, it won’t be in time. I recommend that your highness take refuge in my territory, and plan a comeback from there.”

‘How dare you!’

Cornelia became angry, but frantically tried not to let it show.
Having been prepared to kill Regin, the Cliffdorf house definitely had prior information of the coup d’état.
Despite this, they didn’t work to prevent it, but preferred to use it to gain political strength.
Most likely, when she ascends to the throne, this man would be standing beside her.
Welt van Cliffdorf as her adviser, and Jade as her husband, it would be that sort of story.
Moreover, they would be hailed as heroes for ending the coup d’état.
Those who don’t know anything would undoubtedly praise them.

Jade did not betray any agitation in his eyes, merely sighing in admiration at the princess, who was staring at him.[?1?]
Within those pupils, it was apparent that she had almost grasped Jade and the others’ intentions.

“As expected of somebody with the royal blood. Even in this situation, you have nerves of steel. I congratulate you. I now have a slightly better opinion of you.”

“You are changing this messed up situation for better as you please. By the way, what happened to the other groups?”

“Unfortunately, I fear that they were killed.”

Contrary to his words, Jade appeared unconcerned.
From his answer, Cornelia understood that Jade’s cohort knew that there was a coup, what actions they would take, and also what would happen next.
She recalled that despite the tense atmosphere, they had still talked cheerfully.
She especially thought of Wynn, who had sparred with her countless times during practice.
If Jade’s words were true, even he would have been killed.
Last night, by the campfire, Wynn had spoken passionately about his dream to become a knight.
Even he would have died.
Not living a desirable school life, within her lonely days of isolation, she had finally made a true friend in her training partner.
Once, she had touched his sleeve.[6]
Not as Princess Cornelia, but as Knight Cadet Cornelia, though when she returned after class in the evening, she was scolded by the attendants.
As a knight cadet, she was overlooked, but—
But now, it will never be like that again.
A single tear streamed down her face.

“Are you crying for the people who were killed? The people will support a ruler with such deep compassion. When we retake the capital at dawn, I want you to display your condolences.”

Jade held out a white silken handkerchief.
Cornelia rejected it, and wiping her eyes, she stood up.

“… Can you say so with confidence? Among those who have died, that Brave…”

“About Wynn Byrd? Of course!”

“You know him?”

“Rescuing Your Highness was the highest priority. There was no alternative. I will use his death. If she learns that the insurgents killed him…”

“The Brave would smash the insurgents?”

Jade smiled coldly.
‘Jade would even make use of hiss death?’[7]
‘Will things really go as planned?’[8]
Certainly, the Brave would have a motive to draw her sword against the insurgents.
However, wouldn’t that blade not only be pointed at the insurgents, but also at the root of the problem, the empire itself?
The consequences of his death — the Empire might have the Brave as its enemy.

“Umm… Won’t Leticia van Mavis oppose them?”

“That is our intention.”

“With them in control of the fort, they intended to use the magic amplifier. However!”

“Gatan,” At that time, the carriage shook a little.
At that point, the carriage that did not shake up until now, as if in a building, shaking began to be felt.

“This is…?”

“It seems that they have set the plan into motion.”

“… Barrier magic.”

The empire’s anti-demon trump card.
It was a wide-area barrier that sealed any magic power.

“Even with that magic, they cannot completely seal the Brave’s magic power, but they still have yet another trump card. Well, if the Brave is killed, then we will have unparalleled influence.”

Unable to watch Jade proudly continue speaking, Cornelia looked out the window.
She gazed at the passing landscape.

Jade and the others have taken the insurgents and the Brave too lightly.
From her Master, whom she had met after four years, she heard that Leticia has unbelievable strength.

Cornelia’s Master.
She is the one who holds the title “Holy Woman”, Liara Sayn.

One of the Brave’s three comrades.
According to Liara, she had fought a multitude of demons and monsters.
She had fought a battle of legendary proportions, so if her magic was sealed, then she wouldn’t be a threat, or so they thought.
In the first place, she was an existence which slew the Demon Lord, who could defeat all the world’s combined armies.
If they were able to kill her by merely sealing her magic, wouldn’t the demons have already defeated the Brave long ago?
Anyways, it was already too late to be worried about that.
If Wynn was killed, the Brave’s rage would rain down on this empire.
The other countries would also direct criticisms at the empire.
Even if Jade’s plan progressed, the empire would be headed towards ruin.

‘Somehow, please calm down.’

In that moving Carriage, Cornelia voiced out that wish. [9]

At the time the explosion was heard from the part of the forest the fourth group was in charge of—

In the third Group, Locke and the other students were being surrounded by the knights that accompanied them.
From the beginning, Locke had felt that something was wrong with the knights.
Apart from the captain, who was from the capital, he had seen the other three hold secret conversations many times.
During a short break, even the vice-captain exchanged information behind the captain’s back.
Many times, they opened the map, and confirmed the locations of both the third group and the other groups.
They even checked the distance from the fort.

If it were normal, they wouldn’t act so strangely.
They might only confirm their route.

However, they did it behind the back of the captain, a knight, and repeatedly. However he thought about it, it was strange.

From Locke’s point of view, he held the title of captain in name only. His body was weak from lack of practice, and he was a man that you wouldn’t believe was a knight.
But either way, a superior is a superior, or that was how it was supposed to be.
The goal of making the group, on paper (Locke had decided that the captain was captain only on paper), was supposed to be to teach the essentials of knighthood.[10]
Nevertheless, the captain merely received simple reports of which direction to go and future plans, while the vice-captain received the important reports.

‘Hey, something is up.’


“What is it, Locke?”

He whispered to the person marching beside him.

“Something smells fishy.[11] Those guys may be up to something. Just in case, be careful. and tell the others too.”

Though he gave Locke a puzzled look, he easily moved beside the student in front of him, and whispered Locke’s message.

The reason that Locke could influence the other students like that was because he was from a rich mercantile house.
Due to their commoner origins, high-ranking nobles such as Jade and Regin despised these upstart nobles, but since they were a rare class, the relationship between most nobles and wealthy merchants didn’t differ.
Against the social influence of nobility, money was more than enough ammunition. [12]
If they were ordinary nobles, they would not oppose the Marine house.
The nobles only had so much wealth.
If Locke didn’t flaunt it, he could interact with most people as equals. Compared to Wynn, he was much more well-connected.
That’s why, after the knight leaders invited them to a place dotted with holes, the knight who was captain fell into a pitfall and was killed, but none of the students did not receive a surprise attack, and the knights weren’t able to ambush them.[13]
Nonetheless, for the five inexperienced knight cadets, against the three full-fledged knights, despite outnumbering them, their victory was uncertain.

“I will take on the vice-captain. As for the two knights behind him, attack them two on one, flanking them.”

“Got it.”

Confronting the vice-captain, Locke raised his shield.[14]

“Locke Marine. I heard that you were the foolish second son of the Marine house, but it seems the rumors were wrong.”

“That’s not the case. Three years ago, I was that idiot son.”

The elder brother, who was the heir received an education, while the second son Locke was given relatively more freedom.
More or less, he was taught by the same teacher as his brother, but behind his parents’ backs, he would often sneak out to play with the neighborhood children.
Even when he decided to enter the Knight School, he learned from the children of the nobles who came and went that he only needed to procure the money for the admission fee.
Not wanting to study, he only wanted to get the title of knight while just playing around.
If he graduated from knight school, instead of going to a battlefield, he would be able to work in the capital, where safety is guaranteed.
If he were a knight, the ladies would surely like him.
That was all he thought.

It was superficial.

Three years ago, Locke was no better than a good-for-nothing noble.[15]
Then, when he met Wynn, his way of thinking about knighthood changed completely.
He was a commoner, he had no family to rely on, and didn’t even have magical talent.
Compared to the other students, Wynn had nothing.
However— he, in order to achieve his dream of becoming a knight, spared no effort— and Locke continued to see that figure near himself.

It was dazzling.

He honestly felt amazed.

Wynn held his shield to the front, and gripped his sword.

Until he met Wynn, all he had done was irresponsibly cut corners during sword practice.
Feeling embarrassed at the difference, even when nobody was watching, he practiced swinging his sword.
At times, he would steal a glance and imitate Wynn’s practicing form.
Due to that, Locke was able to achieve the runner up position last year in the exam.

‘It was due to your help, that I am now not scared of fighting my first real battle.’

Locke slowly inhaled, then slowly exhaled.
He looked straight at the vice-captain.
His four teammates were skillfully forcing a two on one battle.
Being nobility, they had more training in magic than the knights before them.
Though they had less live combat experience and skill, if they fought using body strengthening magic, individually, they should at least be half as good as the knights.[16]

“The other two are at a disadvantage? Until I can slay Apprentice Knight Locke, will they hold out?”

Like Locke, the vice-captain judged the situation similarly.

“If you focus on defense, and manage to hold out while waiting for the other brats to defeat my subordinates… Is that what you thought?”

“Who knows? But please don’t kill me off so quickly!”

Locke flashed an intrepid smile.[17]
If either one of the two 2-on-1 battles ended with the knight’s defeat, Locke’s group’s chances of victory would increase.
In other words, all he needed to do was gain time.

“Then show me what you’ve got!”

Locke parried the vice-captain’s blade, which came from behind the vice-captain’s shield, with the shield in his left hand.
As expected of a knight who worked his way up from the battlefield.
Even at the level of the mock battles against his classmates, he did not enjoy taking fierce onslaughts.[?2?]
But Locke stopped the blade’s path with his shield, parrying each and every blow.

“How incredible. Even though it’s your first real battle.”

The vice-captain was surprised to notice that Locke was handling his strikes with composure.
He was somebody who had survived each of the numerous battlefields he had fought in.
Rather than fall behind like he expected of a student, Locke continued to handle his attacks admirably.

As one who had become a knight through battlefield achievements, he had thought the sword techniques of the knights from the knight school were merely a form[18], but…

In the realities of a battlefield, it was important for a technique to kill with one blow.
One hardly ever got a second or a third blow.
The vice-captain continued to interweave feints with attacks.
The blows filled with strong killing intent would weaken the mind of the still young apprentice knight, but Locke, who was concentrating on his defense, defended well.
Though the Marine house was a commoner house, they had married with nobility many times, so luckily, he had better than average magic power.
Though Locke fell behind in battle experience and skill, using body reinforcement magic to strengthen himself, he was able to hold out.


‘Unlike this, the sword of the Master of the Brave is imperceptible even when up close!’

Wynn’s sword swings were unbelievably fast.
It rivals the one who holds the title “Divine Sword Princess”, Leticia van Mavis.
He had seen the Brave, who held monstrous strength, as she fought.
Compared to the speed of those attacks, these attacks won’t reach him. He only needed to hold out until backup arrived.[?3?]

Locke braced his legs to block the vice-captain’s blade with his shield— but then—


From his arms, his legs, his whole body, the strength left him. [19]

With a clang, as the sword hit the shield, Locke was blown backwards.


The air was knocked out of his lungs as he hit a tree behind him.


Though he was dazed, Locke was not knocked out. He rose to his knee as he heard a scream.
Tasting iron in his mouth, he looked towards the source of the scream.
There, his classmate was rolling on the ground, with his right arm cut off.
The other person was already impaled by the sword in his abdomen.
He couldn’t see the other group of fighters.
While fighting, they had moved away.
However, he heard another scream.
It was most likely a cry of agony…

‘What… the heck…?’

“It is time.”

The vice-captain expressionlessly looked down towards Locke.
Unsteadily standing up, the shield in his left hand, and the sword in the right hand felt heavy to Locke.

“The magic power… I can’t feel it?”

“Were you not told in class? One of the Imperial Capital Simurgh’s protective magic, Magic Sealing Barrier, was activated.”

Centered around the imperial capital Simurgh, were six towers, which could cast anti-magic power barrier magic using magic tools.
Anybody within the area surrounded by the six towers would have their magic power sealed, as a countermeasure against demons who can take in miasma as a source of magic power. The spell is one of the Remulshil Empire’s trump cards.
Having their magic power sealed, Locke and the others’ strengthening magic was forcibly dispelled.

“You planned to stall for time, but time has passed, and we have the upper hand. It was your miscalculation!”

He somehow blocked a sideswipe with his shield, but his body took the brunt of the force.
Two strikes, three strikes, he was pressured by the slashes.


Every time the shield was hit by the sword, Locke was pushed back.

“The reason nobles are so stuck-up, is because of their strengthening magic! With their magic power sealed, The royal knights and the imperial guards who protect the capital are not our match!”

With the magic power sealed, not only the demons, but the nobles would also be weakened.[20]
Due to their magical aptitude, they had been continually blessed by the strong protection of body reinforcement magic.
Therefore, against the veteran soldiers with only their physical abilities, they would win.
However, with their magic power sealed, it was different.
If both sides’ magic power were sealed such as now, the knights who had continued to diligently train themselves everyday would be superior.
Now, the students, having their magic power sealed, were defeated in the blink of an eye.
It was also a matter of time before Locke was killed.



At last, after enduring countless strikes, Locke’s shield broke.
When his shield broke, the tip of the sword scratched his arm, and now blood dripped from his left arm.

“Come to think of it, Apprentice Knight Locke isn’t a noble, but more or less a commoner. However, for this plan, all outsiders are a potential obstacle. Unfortunately, you will also have to die.”

Locke’s sword dropped to the ground, and he crouched, holding his left arm.
His breathing rough and disorderly, he had already reached the limit of his stamina.
And yet, Locke continued to glare at the approaching vice-captain, but he had no more strength to reach for the sword.
Glaring once more at the figure standing before his eyes, with the sword raised overhead, Locke then lowered his head in resignation.

“… The capital is completely enclosed by the barrier.”

Leticia slowly looked around.
Because of one of the teachers, that day, Leticia had received instructions to come to the classrooms, knowing she was being invited.
A man stood before her.
In that room, she, the aged man, and children aged from 10 to twelve— the people who were admitted into knight school at the minimum age— only the children who were admitted this year were gathered.

“Apart from this seven-fold barrier formation sealing my magic power, are these children hostages, I wonder?”

“Don’t worry. We don’t want you to become an obstacle. It seems that even while being affected by the barrier spell, you are still clad in such strong magic power. Are you really human?”

Leticia didn’t answer.
She glared at the man clad in a black hood standing behind him.

“A demon, huh.”

“That~ is~ right~!”[21]

The demon responded, feigning foolishness.

“I am happy to have met the famous Brave-sama.”

“To even borrow the power of demons… the Empire’s heroes have stooped to quite a low level.”

The tone of Leticia’s voice became calm.
Contrary to the tone of her voice, she had an intimidating air.
Up until Leticia was born as the Brave, he had been a general who fought against the demons over the course of many years.
Now, as the principal of the knight school, Zaunasu showed a bitter smile.[?4?]

“I am honoured that Brave-dono has called us heroes.”

‘I have retired from the front lines three years ago.’
‘In those three years, this young girl had been fighting demons for the Empire on the front lines.’
‘This is nothing but shameful.’

“Of the people who live in the Empire, there is nobody who doesn’t know of you. Especially if they had served in the army.”

With the four years Leticia spent fighting, she had protected the empire, and ended the fighting on the front lines for ten times longer.
She was like a living legend to the empire.

“Honestly, I had no choice but to involve the demons in order not to lose[?5?]. On that note, we couldn’t have a practical conversation with you. I plan to talk it out with you someday, but this was unfortunate.”dbl check

“Using the magic sealing barrier covering the capital, the noble knight’s magic power would be stolen. Then, were you going to use your superior physical abilities to take control?”[22]

“It is as you said, Leticia-kun.”

Zaunas replied.
His eyes glowed with affectionate praise for his wonderful subordinates.
For Zaunas, Leticia was the same age as his grandson would have been if he hadn’t been killed on the battlefield.

“Of course, we cannot overthrow the palace, but well, that’s not a problem. Our objective is not His Highness the Emperor.”

“Then, what do you want?”

“The eradication of the rotten knight order and nobility!”

Those words held a strong intent— and hatred.

“Look before you. The knights at this knight school are like eggs. The knights expected to be the future shields of the empire are in a disastrous state!”

Tightening his clenched fist, Zaunas grit his teeth as he forced out those words.

“My children and grandchildren all sacrificed their lives fighting demons and monsters. My subordinates, in order to protect their family and loved ones, died on the battlefield to protect them.”

‘But, for what?’

The knight order that had ordered them to their deaths was dominated by nobility, nobility whom had lived while wallowing in extravagance while countless knights and soldiers died.
While the proud and noble guardians of the empire, became covered in blood and dirt, they immersed themselves in the fragrance of women, while their mouths enjoyed fine liquor and delicacies that one would normally only be able to taste once in a lifetime. Those mouths were the same ones which ordered the deaths of those guardians.
‘For the sake of those who died protecting the empire’s people, I must eradicate the corruption.’

‘So that those guardians and the people can leave this world in peace.’
‘That was all.’

“Now, the imperial capital Simurgh is affected by the large scale magic sealing barrier. The aristocratic knights who rely on magic are no match for my subordinates.”

Zaunas’s subordinates would be able to take control of the school, obviously, but also knight order headquarters, and the imperial court.
Quite a few people from the capital’s knight order were dispatched onto the subjugation mission.
About now, Zaunas’s subordinates from the fort would begin their surprise attack.
With their magic sealed, everybody in each group would have to fight with their own strength, and leadership ability.
Compared to the knights and nobles who lived in peace far removed from the front lines, Zaunas and his subordinates, who had survived constant battles, would not fall behind.
It was only a matter of time until they took control of all the capital’s critical institutions.

“Until the capital is in the palm of my hands, you should just sit here obediently.”

“I understand your feelings well. I sympathize with you. However, right here, among them, are also people who sincerely believe in becoming a knight and protecting the empire.”

“Like your Master?”

Zaunas faced Leticia with a gentle smile.

“You are speaking of Cadet Wynn, right? I know of how hard he works, spending every day studying and training. However, if he were still alive, he wouldn’t be able to become a knight.”

“The apprentice knights, and some knight cadets, they’re carrying out the subjugation mission near the fort where one of the barrier magic installations are. What will happen to those who participated in the mission?”

At that question, Zaunas merely closed his eyes.

“Even if they are students, they can at least use swords and magic, so they may become obstacles to our goal.”

“Is that so…”

Leticia let out a small mutter, while slowly reaching for the sword at her waist.
The sword let out a slight glow, despite being within the magic sealing barrier, while she let out a strong atmosphere of intimidation.
It was the holy sword gifted by the goddess Anastasia.

“Incredible~. To be able to move even from within our barrier… Frightening. Truly frightening.[23]

The demon in the black hood acted exaggeratedly with mock surprise, hiding himself behind Zaunas’s back.
If it were a normal existence, being inside the seven-fold barrier formation would make the whole body feel heavy, unable to move.
However, Leticia’s movements defied nature itself.

“Even so, being trapped within the barrier, you won’t be able to defeat this general-san, yanno[24]?”

Cackling, he peeked at Leticia from behind Zaunas’s back.

“With your beloved Master among the dead, could it be, that you got mad~?”[25]

The Brave whose master was killed would turn her force towards both the ringleaders, and the nobles around them.
Then, even if the plan fails, the noble’s downfall would still definitely succeed.

At first he and his subordinates were merely going to carry out this plan.
With the black-hooded demon’s suggested modifications, the Brave would surely be criticized in the ages to come.[?6?]
In addition, the other nations would also pile criticisms at the very empire who had roused the Brave’s anger.
If the empire weakened, it might be invaded,
However, with the empire’s power rapidly decreasing, it would fall to ruin one way or another.
With that facing them, it was necessary for the heart of the country to be purged.
For that reason, many of those near the border, who had received Zaunas’s education, tried to stay uninvolved.
They would have to gain time until the heart of the country had been purified and reformed.

“It was I who handed down the order for your master, Cadet Wynn, to be killed.”

However, in response to Zaunas’s words—


Leticia’s cold expression broke into sudden laughter.
The murderous air of intimidation she gave off also vanished, and the person who kept on laughing was only a beautiful lady.
Suddenly, upon seeing the laughing Brave, the children who were crying in fear, stopped crying in surprise, and looked at her.

“What’s so funny!?”

Dumbfoundedly looking at Leticia from behind Zaunas, the demon in the black hood leaned out further with slight irritation in his voice.

“Fufu… Magic sealing barrier, is it? Certainly, the nobles and you demons would be affected. Actually, since you are a demon, you can’t even feel strong magic power.”

Leticia spoke with amusement.

“Hey, all of you. Have you heard the titles I was given as the Brave?”


Casually turning around with a smiling face, she asked the bewildered children.

“Hey hey, have you gone crazy from the shock?”

“Why the sudden change? Leticia-kun?”

However, Leticia ignored Zaunas and the black-hooded demon, crouching down to the students.

“Umm… ‘The one closest to god’ and ‘Divine Sword Princess’?”

A ten-year-old boy met her gaze, and answered with a slight blush.

“Yes, that’s right. ‘Divine Sword Princess’.”

Leticia smiled warmly at the boy, then slowly stood up.

“Sir Zaunas, the reason I call Knight Cadet Wynn my Master, do you know why?”

Her back to him, Leticia’s voice once again grew cold as she spoke to Zaunas.

“If I remember correctly… I heard that, as childhood friends, you learned the sword from him?”

“Yes. However, did you think that I would call him Master for just that?”

Slowly, Leticia turned around.
She held up the blade that slew a demon lord, the “Holy Spirit Blade Eluna Blade” in her right hand in front of her.

“The nickname “Divine Sword Princess” was given to me by the Sword Saint Raul Holt Leon, whose strength falls far short of mine.”

She closed her eyes, and smiled again.
As for Zaunas, though she was a girl that would be around his grandson’s age, he unwittingly became fascinated with her beauty.
Rather, it wasn’t only Zaunas.
The classroom fell silent upon Leticia’s calm voice, even the demon in the black hood, as if spellbound by Leticia’s atmosphere.[26]

“Four years ago, when I set off as the Brave, I had never been defeated, Not even once. Other than…”

Opening her eyes again, she faced Zaunas.
She lowered her sword, her right hand hanging by her side.
The Seven-fold Barrier Magic Array was supposed to make one’s whole body feel like they were bound by chains, but she moved so lightly as if she didn’t feel it.
Her movements were natural.
Then, Leticia showed a smile of a girl in love.
Anybody would undoubtedly be surprised and charmed by that smile.

“Against that me, only one single person, without magic, whom I could not win against. Even now, I would only win if I used magic. That is why, I call him— Onii-chan— Master.”

Locke hung his head, facing the ground.
The vice-captain decided to strike with a blow to the head to reduce the suffering, but suddenly, he showed a perplexed expression.
It was because Locke’s shoulders were shaking slightly.

“Ha, hahaha…”

Holding his injured left arm, Locke let out a dry laugh.

“Aiming to buy time, huh…Certainly, our aims differed little, but…”

“What is it? Do you have any last words? It is the end for you. Do you want them heard?”

“Well, no…”

Locke continued to chuckle[27].

“I just understood pain. To see that change, it truly is a monster.”

Locke looked up.

“As expected of ‘The Master of the Brave’.”

In his gaze was—


His subordinate urgently warned him.


When he looked behind him, he saw somebody imitating a knight draw near while letting out an explosive amount of killing intent.
With any magic power sealed, body strengthening magic should have been dispelled.
However, that speed far surpassed Locke’s — no, everybody’s speed.

“Wha-What is this!?”

He turned around and begun to slash at Wynn, who was approaching at an unbelievable speed, but due to his astonishment, his swing was too wide.
Due to that, Wynn’s blade sunk into his virtually undefended right torso.


With an unbelieving expression on his face, he turned around to face Wynn, who had run past him.
Wynn stood in front of the kneeling Locke, his knight’s sword ready.
The vice-captain opened and closed his mouth twice, thrice, then fell forward.

“You bastard!”

The two other knights who had neutralized the students were incensed, and attacked him.
One person swung his sword downward, while the other stabbed at him.


“He vanished!?”

Wynn dropped down, dodging the slash and darted around the slashing knight’s left side, using the shield’s blind spot, then kicked the shield.


The knight who was kicked went flying into the other knight, destroying both their stances.
They picked up their swords which had fallen to the ground, and when they turned back—
Wynn’s sword beheaded the knight.[28]
Wynn leapt over the corpse, which was spurting blood as it fell, and closed in on the last surviving knight.

“Shi-, shit.”

With an awkward stance, and no strength in his sword, Wynn’s sword flickered—
Wynn’s sword thrust at the base of his neck.

AN:How Wynn cut his way out of his crisis will be explained next chapter.

Translator notes

  1. In the age of violent video games and other media, what is there to be worried about?–back
  2. Very loose translation of AN–back
  3. Name inconsistency by author, it seems… not that it matters, at least the author didn’t spell it Cordelia… I’m not sure why that is happening…–back
  4. Thank creepy Jade for the KuroKishi chapter…–back
  5. Decadence: excessive indulgence…–back
  6. what?–back
  7. AU: Wynn has died, Leti crushes the insurgents, Cornelia tells her that Jade knew about the plot all along… Yandere Bad End for everybody…–back
  8. No.–back
  9. Spoiler alert: Wynn appears at the end of the chapter!–back
  10. slightly awkward wording to preserve the reused word–back
  11. haven’t seen this idiom in a while…–back
  12. silver bullets: only the rich can kill vampires–back
  13. this breed of knight cadets is a lot luckier… Go Locke!–back
  14. Locke just got more badass points… His name already gave him some in my opinion. How many people know who the Earth Locke is?–back
  15. Slight pun, maybe? Locke(Rokku) was a “Roku-demonai”–back
  16. Strength of Student=s; Strength of Knight =k; s>k/2–back
  17. intrepid: daring. SAT vocab of the day!–back
  18. as in not good for real battles, just a decoration–back
  19. I should have seen this coming… but I didn’t…–back
  20. When the demons attack: “I have weakened you, at the cost of weakening myself the same amount! In short, nothing has changed!” Speaking of, what happened to rokudenashi majutsushi akashic something something? Is joeglens alive?–back
  21. I assume this is an obnoxiously cheerful voice, like Arifureta’s Miledi (not checking the spelling the troll golem dungeon-master)–back
  22. I just thought of something applicable: Rise, Proletariat!–back
  23. turn that kowai into a kawaii! Leticia is cute!–back
  24. desho-> sho, you know-> yanno–back
  25. the ~ seems to be just an obnoxious thing if the speaker has it…nyoro nyoro…–back
  26. redundant addition?: there was not even a word spoken, nor a knock sounded, since they were drawn in by the atmosphere. See raws for reference if ou want.–back
  27. sfx: kusukusu–back
  28. “mess with the best, die like the rest.” Quote from xkcd quoting something else… —back

Translator needs help

  1. dbl check motivation and energy low!–back
  2. take with some salt–back
  3. dbl check–back
  4. Zornas, Saunas, Zornath?–back
  5. shika dekinakatta?–back
  6. ???–back

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Next Chapter

And so, we have a less painful and more epic cliff… This was a long chapter… It is 33 pages of japanese + english lines on the Google Doc… In other measurements, 634 lines of raws…

The second half is not as thoroughly edited as the first half. Please forgive it, and help me where I was still unsure, if you can.

I have decided to pick up KuroKishi, but it will be posted by Xant after his minions finish editing it. I will work on it whenever I have free translating time after my YnO quota for the week is translated. I have sent chapter 21 yesterday. Chapter 20 did take a bit more than a week to edit, but the editing seems more thorough than what I do here. Look forward to it!

P.S. I just realized that me doing this pingback thing, which I complained about being annoying, allows me to be technically first on all my posts…


39 thoughts on “YnO 20

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