YnO Arc 1 EPUB

Merry Christmas! Happy Winter! Happy Halloween to the CS majors!

Summary (Is this where I use TL;DR?): EPUB, summer transation project, bug report?

So, instead of a release, I was working on editing all the Arc 1 chapters, and making an EPUB of Arc 1. I didn’t have time to do it during my school semester, but here it is, over my winter break.

Also, for my contemplated “summer translation project”, I am considering B-group no Shounen, last translated by Izra709, but the LN version, because I want a physical LN, and because I don’t wanna mess with the wayback machine… I have found the second volume on Amazon, but not the first volume. Where else do people usually buy LNs?

Please email me or comment below if you have any problems, so I can fix any bugs, since I am not completely sure how to make the epubs work smoothly. The epub specifications don’t seem to be an easy read… If you do give me a bug report, if you can, try to include what type of error your reader gives you. (the type of reader might be helpful too…)

A PDF will come as soon as I figure out how to easily automate pdf creation (any suggestions for html to pdf, merging multiple html files?).

Direct Link

Indirect Link (to help subsidize the summer project)

Mobile users: adfly link not recommended… PCs are easier to de-virus


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