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First Class (2)

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‘I’m not giving him the initiative this time, I’ll take the first move!’

Cornelia swung the sword wrapped in flames.

As expected, Wynn didn’t plan on receiving the brunt of the blow, but rather repel it with his sword loudly colliding with hers.

Wynn’s stance was broken.

Unlike the previous time, Cornelia was the one chasing Wynn.

The magic《Binding Chains》had taken effect. [1]

Cornelia stepped forward, aiming a stab at his chest.

Holding his sword with only his right hand, Wynn deflected the stab while kicking the ground to gain distance.

Wynn felt the force of the impacts each time Cornelia attacked.

Each of Cornelia’s blows were heavy.

Even though they were using longswords of similar sizes, Cornelia’s sword strikes were as heavy as if she were using a greatsword.

His unreinforced sword would break if he continued to take the blows.

The flames around the blade were also a problem.

If they locked swords, Wynn would be burnt by the heat.

Since those flames didn’t affect the caster, Cornelia didn’t feel the heat.

Compared to Cornelia, who was strengthened by strengthening magic, Wynn was at a disadvantage.

Certain of her advantage, Cornelia continued her assault.

She made successive slashes.

As if he were dancing, Wynn dodged and parried all of the blows.

With his movements restricted, and at the same time, affected by the heat, Wynn concentrated on defending without being able to consider a counterattack.

He thought that they would continue to exchange blows like this, however… [2]

Cornelia’s offensive assault stopped for a moment.

Her stamina was exhausted from having to maintain the continuous attacks.

Cornelia’s face distorted in a strained expression, she lifted her head to take a deep breath.

Seeing that moment’s opportunity, Wynn immediately closed the distance.

With a low stance, as if he was crawling, he rushed forward and thrust the tip of the sword at her neck.

Seeing this, Cornelia’s body became weak, and Wynn slowly withdrew his sword.

“It is my complete and utter defeat… “

“Your flame enchantment magic was new to me. It was a valuable experience for me.”

Wynn extended his right hand, and Cornelia accepted the handshake.

“To think you only beat me with sword skills. On the second match, were you waiting for me to run out of stamina?”

“I am confident in my endurance. However, I had no breathing room. My movements were restricted by magic. I had seen adventurers use it before, but after the first blow destroyed my stance, if the next attack was a little bit stronger, I would have lost.”

Cornelia let out a slight smile.

“I can’t believe that you’re a cadet like me. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were an instructor. Wouldn’t you be stronger than a regular knight if you used magic?”

However —

“No, well, I…”

Wynn’s face suddenly darkened, and Cornelia realized she touched a sensitive topic.

“I cannot use magic. I have no talent for it.”


“That’s why, I have to train so that I won’t be defeated by anybody while only using the sword. No matter how much I practice, I can’t use magic. Moreover, people can never surpass their limits. However—” [3]

Wynn gripped the sword on his waist.

“Since many people win without having to practice, I could win against those dependent on magic”

His previous expression vanished, and the light of determination shone within his eyes.

At his words, Cornelia became amazed.

Despite being the same age as her, this boy always forged ahead.

After those solemn words, Wynn gave a gentle smile.

“However, I’ve already failed the selection test three times. It looks like we should return to our spots.”

He saw that the other students were returning to their original places in the group.

She had heard the story of him failing three times, but…

Cornelia watched Wynn’s retreating figure.

Before sparring with him, she didn’t believe any of the rumors of him being a failure.

‘I see… That is the rumored Master of the Brave, Wynn Byrd.’

Knight School Instructor Aldo looked at Wynn and Cornelia, who were among the students that had regrouped.

From the beginning of the mock battles, Aldo observed their distant spar, gazing steadily at Wynn and Cornelia. [4]

Originally, he didn’t look over everybody evenly, only heeding the few rumored students.

It was strange to not be worried.

At Aldo’s signal, the mock battles started.

In line with the theory, the students all began to use strengthening magic.

Wynn’s partner, Cornelia was no exception.

From Aldo’s point of view, he confirmed a slight light from Cornelia.

Wynn, however, did not move.

Without casting magic, with slow motions, Wynn merely drew his sword.

However, those movements were much more polished than the other students, even the battle-tested Aldo thought it looked good.

Wynn stood motionlessly with the sword held calmly in his right hand.

He waited for Cornelia to finish strengthening herself with magic.

Wynn was not in Aldo’s class last year.

He only knew about him from a report from the person who was his instructor last year,

According to the instructor’s report, he wasn’t able to use magic since didn’t have enough magic power.

That was the truth.

Being unable to put magic into the practice sword, or use the lowest level magic, his practical magic grades were rock-bottom.

In reality, at the moment Cornelia finished strengthening herself with magic, Wynn’s body contained no traces of magic.

However —

Despite Cornelia beginning to set up her sword earlier, Wynn closed the distance and attacked first.

Closing the distance instantly, he blocked Cornelia’s slash. [5]

While they were locking swords, Wynn took the opportunity to disrupt her stance, then closed the distance again with a slash.

He aimed at Cornelia’s sword with a slash, and her sword went flying out of her hands.

Cornelia’s surprise was plainly visible.

She was probably unable to see Wynn’s blade.

Even if it was Aldo, if he didn’t use strengthening magic, he may not have been able to send the sword flying like that.

The speed of Wynn’s blade was overwhelming.

‘It’s good that I witnessed that.’

If he paid attention to any of the other students, he would have missed it.

The level of the match was so much higher than the other students’ matches, and was over in a matter of moments.

‘Did those two realize that?’

‘It seems like they plan to have a rematch.’

Cornelia’s body was once again enveloped in light.

Unlike the previous time, however, her sword became wrapped in flames.

‘That’s Enhancement System magic, ‘Enchant’!’

Aldo widened his eyes.

It was unpopular in the Knight School, so he had few opportunities to see it.

But Cornelia was using that magic.

In the next instant, Wynn’s body was wrapped in a red light.

‘It seems that Wynn is being affected by some kind of magic.’

Among the adventurers, who mainly fought monsters, few used this fighting style.

Of course, there were also knight orders that fought monsters.

Against especially strong monsters, one would use weakening magic, but even that job would fall to the Imperial Court Magicians, so the Knights wouldn’t use it.

Cornelia, like Wynn, had a fighting style that deviated from the standard knight’s fighting style.

While Wynn was affected by some sort of weakening magic, Cornelia started her assault.

When Wynn tried to repel Cornelia’s sword, his stance was destroyed.

At this, Cornelia stabbed at him, which he skillfully warded off.

After that, Cornelia unleashed successive attacks, but at the moment she tired out, Wynn held his sword to Cornelia’s throat, claiming victory.

At a glance, it seemed like Cornelia had the upper hand, but Wynn’s patient endurance eventually won out.

However, what impressed Aldo was not Wynn’s victory, but his swordsmanship and agility —Even more monstrous though, was that it was the Brave’s swordsmanship.

Those movements which seemed like a sword dance, reminded him of the time he had met the Brave.

Three years ago, while Aldo was stationed at a frontier Knight Order, he was on his way to subjugate a group of man-eating ogres.

There, he was able to see the form of Leticia the Brave.

At a certain village near the border…

There, scores of ogres attacked.

Aldo’s knight order, upon receiving an urgent report, mobilized, but the scouting platoon was unable to count the amount of ogres.

Even if the villagers were to abandon the village and escape, they would be overtaken and massacred.

Aldo’s scout party’s captain decided to stay in the village as a decoy, in order to buy time for the villagers to escape.

Even then, the platoon numbered only ten people.

Ogres were, by nature, far stronger than humans, such that two or three knights would be needed against one of them.

Even if the knights stayed behind, the escaping villagers would be lucky to survive.

Nevertheless, in that remote village, there was only the hope of reinforcements arriving.

With their resolve to die, the knights persuaded the villagers to abandon the village, and while they prepared to fortify themselves, Leticia the Brave appeared.

Hearing of the impending Ogre attack, she had stopped by, alone, to help.

Telling the knights and the villagers that she would protect them all, she promptly stood outside the village, waiting for the ogres to attack.

At first, the knights were opposed to her fighting alone.

Even though she was the Brave, she was still a young girl.

The proud knights absolutely couldn’t just watch the girl fight.

The scouting platoon’s captain approached Leticia.

However —

“I appreciate the sentiment, but I fight alone. Don’t you have people you must protect? “

She faced the crowd.

She saw anxious children, women, and elders.

The men who could fight had already died battling against the ogres, or were cooperating with the knights to fortify the village against the ogre’s invasion.

Convinced that their duty was to protect, when the time came, they planned to fight with all their might.

However, Leticia smiled at those who were about to argue.

“Don’t worry. At the very least, I can buy time for everybody to escape.”

With those words, Leticia exited the hastily fortified village.

‘Thinking about it now, that smile clearly — clearly that smile showed that something had become broken inside her.’

When the sun set, the forest came alive as ogres approached, one after another.

At the front was an especially large ogre.

It was most likely the boss of the horde.

Leticia walked towards that ogre.

The weapon in her right hand was merely a sword.

At that time, the young girl, around ten years old, whose height was similar to her sword, approached the three meter tall ogre.

Aldo, the knights, and the villagers were all behind her, watching her receding figure.

‘Why didn’t we detain her more strongly at the time?’

‘Though she rejected our offer to fight with her, I can’t just stand and watch,’ was what everybody thought.

Several ogres were commanded by the horde boss to rush her.

With those bulging muscles, and crude bludgeons as their primary weapons, humans would become mincemeat.

Those atrocious weapons swung down towards Leticia— However, the unaffected Leticia continued to advance.


On the verge of screaming, most of the people closed their eyes, expecting a tragedy, but what was happening before them was something they couldn’t believe.

After a moment — The ogres’ arms, legs and necks fell of from their bodies, with blood spurting out.

Nobody could understand what just happened.

Meanwhile, Leticia continued to walk towards the horde’s center.

Despite that, the ogre corpses that stood before her were scattered over the ground.

It was a sight that utterly lacked common sense.

Among the scattered ogre corpses, Leticia’s blurry figure was seen.

For no apparent reason, everybody shuddered.

Even though the knights were far away from her, they saw her massacring the ogres at an imperceptibly fast speed.

The knights were drenched in a cold sweat while watching this.

As the little girl continued her ongoing slaughter, the ogres tried to crush her to death by rushing her with overwhelming numbers.

However —

The blade slipped through the approaching ogres’ club wielding arms, sending their arms flying, then returned to send heads flying.

She used the ogres who tried to attack from behind as a foothold to launch herself into the air, kicking off their heads. After kicking off the ogre’s head, she attacked the ogre.

She was unstoppable. She didn’t stop.

The little girl danced a Danse Macabre. [6]

Covered in blood, Leticia expressionlessly mowed down the ogres.

Then, among the ogre horde, she approached the one thought to be the horde boss, the one with the largest physique.

Dropping into a low stance, she severed both its legs.

Slipping between its legs, she kicked the ground and burst forward.

Thus, she defeated the Ogre Leader.

The place became quiet.

Only, with a gaze unfitting of the battlefield, Leticia looked down at the ogre on the ground.

Flicking off the blood from her blade, slowly, lifting her head up, she looked at the surrounding ogres.

At that gaze, the ogres who only knew battle, felt fear, and the disarranged ogres fled away from Leticia, away from the village.

Leticia the Brave had driven away a horde of ogres.

The village was saved.

However, among the knights and villagers, none were able to move or let out cheers of celebration.

The girl before them, they feared Leticia the Brave.

She had just massacred the ogres as if they were insects.

It was an unbelievable feat for a human being.

Since the villagers and knights felt fear, she glanced at the village for a moment, then turned away without looking back, leaving them there.

Until her companions arrived, she didn’t take one step, then left once they arrived.

Even now, Aldo remembered it distinctly.

Compared to the lovely Danse Macabre, the impression of her smile was fleeting.

Therefore, upon seeing Leticia’s smile at yesterday’s entrance ceremony, he felt relieved from the bottom of his heart.

Even she smiled like an ordinary human.

Meanwhile, he felt a prick of anxiety.

Perhaps, to her, that fight may have been one of many battles.

She, who had slipped through that ghastly battlefield, was now harmoniously walking in the Knight School.

Although Wynn’s magic grades were poor, his abilities were certainly not on the level of a cadet.

In spite of this, rumor has it that he had failed the examination due to an eminent noble’s will.

A noble who held great influence over the knight orders.

If, by chance, the noble’s unjust intentions became known —

Most likely, many injustices have been performed up until now.

Using money to determine the examination results would be merely the tip of the iceberg.

Using his influence, he would obstruct people that he didn’t like from becoming a knight. This surely affected people other than Wynn in the past.

Up until now, such things went well.

However, this time, the target was that Wynn Byrd.

He was the rumored Master of the Brave.

When the truth comes out, Leticia the Brave would take action.

With her unbelievable strength, she would oppose the Empire.

On top of being the Brave, she was also a duke’s daughter in the line of succession for the throne.

She was the Empire’s most important noble.

‘It probably wouldn’t go that far, but…’

Even Aldo, who became a teacher when he returned from the frontier, he was dumbfounded by the amount of injustices that were overlooked.

As somebody who became a knight from a soldier, he resented the Knight School’s lax, lukewarm attitude.

Nevertheless, the test results were practically determined by bribery.

Aldo made his training strict as a minimal sign of resistance.

From now on though, the status quo might change.

This was because the person who Leticia the Brave revered as her Master was Wynn Byrd.

‘He became my student.’

‘What qualities does he possess, that that Brave adores him so?’

This intrigued Aldo.

Translator Notes

  1. 《縛鎖》 —back
  2. subject is unclear, maybe they both thought so… —back
  3. Character flaw: defeatism? Kick reason to the curb! —back
  4. creep… —back
  5. Gesaltzerfall at this phrase… 一瞬で間合いを詰める —back
  6. Dance of death. (Google: Dance where Death leads the dead to their graves. Think Schera Zade.) —back

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