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The fourth spring ★stram


For Jade van Cliffdorf, becoming a knight was merely a checkpoint. [1]

Since the Marquis Cliffdorf’s House had produced generations of knights, the House held important offices in the imperial military.

As the eldest child of a renowned family, Jade began attending knight school at the age of 13. After a year as an apprentice knight, at the end of the second year, he finally fulfilled all of the requirements to become a true knight.

Despite this, since it was still necessary to attend knight school for six years, he was still officially a student.


Jade had just returned to the Cliffdorf mansion in the capital.

In the mansion’s largest room, Marquis Welt van Cliffdorf sat at a round table.


He was Jade’s father.


Welt held a post as a general. When he was a soldier he was fair-skinned, but now, his face became pudgy, and after having never held a sword for a long time, he became ugly and fat.


When Jade entered the room, he bowed towards his father.


“I have returned, Honorable Father.”


“It is good to see you back, Jade.”


He slowly sat in the seat across from his father, at which he wordlessly thought, ‘Is such a man the general of the Imperial Knight Order? His ugly stomach is swollen, the meat on his chin is sagging. If even this man can become a general, then I–’


While actually holding his father in contempt and smiling at such gossip, he began the conversation.


“So, Honorable Father, the reason you called me back so urgently is…?”


“Do you know about the circumstances of the Brave?”


“Of course, she’s famous, after all. Isn’t she the daughter of the Mavis Ducal House, Leticia Van Mavis-dono?”


“That is correct.”


“I hear that she is an extremely beautiful lady.”


Jade does not personally know Leticia.


She was treated as a problem child and never had her debut in high society during her childhood. After the oracle declared her to be the Brave, she left immediately.

However, since Leticia’s portrait was placed in the newspapers, her appearance was shown with many news articles, causing her beauty to be widely known.


“I have met her twice, once at the audience with His Majesty, and once during the ball, and I can attest to her matchless beauty. Even though she is only fourteen years old, even I would want to join the fray.”


Welt smiled vulgarly.


“Hou, but surely other men haven’t given up on her?”


“Prince Alfred had also asked His Majesty to invite her to become his princess. Well, the Brave has declined the request, for now.”


Welt’s body shook as he stifled his laughter.


“The Brave’s invitation to the imperial household was meant to restrain our House.”


“The Crown Prince did that?”


Jade was surprised.

The status of a Crown Princess should hold tremendous appeal to a lady of nobility. To ignore it…

It would be understandable if Leticia, as a duke’s daughter, declined the Imperial Family’s wishes due to the difference in social status. After all, the duke’s status was second to the Imperial Family’s status.

However, to refuse the proposal of becoming the wife of the Crown Prince, as expected of a Brave.


“Didn’t Lord Mavis say anything?”


“Although she’s his daughter, she’s still the Brave. It appears that she has the upper hand. Either way, that saves us some trouble.”


“Honorable Father, what do you say we do?”


“Obtain the Brave’s hand in marriage, Jade.”


Welt’s laughter turned into a smile.


“Your ages are close. If you can marry the Brave, the Cliffdorf House will be able to resist the Imperial Family.”


To the plebeians of this country, no, the people of the whole continent, the Brave is a sacred existence.


If the Brave was Jade’s wife…


They could shut up the Emperor, who had recently been meddling in the affairs of the nobles.

The Emperor had talked about lowering taxes and improving the standard of living of the people in Marquis Clifdorf’s territory, and Welt was fed up with it.

It would be hard for the Emperor to interfere if the Brave married into his family.

They would become the most influential nobles, the Emperor would be silenced, and they would have even more power.

Looking at his father, who was planning to gain power by obtaining the Brave as his son’s wife, Jade smiled while looking at his father coldly.


He was already imagining the future of having the Brave as his wife.


Regardless of his own efforts, he would become a general just because he was of noble birth.

He would most likely become a general without even doing anything.

Furthermore, desire swirled within Jade’s heart.

‘Even a man like him could become a general. If that’s the case, then from here on out…’


‘If I could marry Leticia the Brave, I may even end up as Emperor.’


Jade suddenly felt his blood boil.


‘The current Imperial Family is soft on the plebeians. Instead of appointing those of high nobility to become knights, now, many plebeians have been promoted. Furthermore, in the most prestigious school, the knight school, the plebeians dared to walk around so brazenly.’

Jade couldn’t stand it.


As someone from the Ducal House, Leticia the Brave inherited the blood of nobility.

To Jade, it didn’t matter whether his wife was ugly or beautiful.

Instead, noble blood was important to him.

Even if his ambitions caused the imperial household and the Mavis House to disappear, he doesn’t mind the existence of nobles.

‘By obtaining her hand in marriage, I would gain many allies. The true value of her noble blood is known not only by nobles, but also the foolish plebeians. Thus, the country will be reborn, with the blue-blooded nobility ruling over the masses, as is natural.’


“So, Honorable Father,”


While thinking about this, Jade interrupted Welt’s tirade on his future prospects.


“What is it?”


“Where is Miss Leticia right now?”


For their plans to go on, they must first gain the Brave’s hand in marriage.

‘The Brave is merely a 14-year-old little girl. There are many ways to obtain her. However, I must meet her in person, first.’


Because he was interrupted, Welt wore a slightly bitter expression. He rose from his chair, and walked toward the window as his belly jiggled.


“Right now, she is staying at the palace. Later, she will return to her Master, but His Majesty seems to not want to let her leave. Every night, he holds a ball and a banquet to occupy her.”


“In order to meet her, should I attend the ball, too?”


“Exactly. The Cliffdorf is sponsoring the ball, soon. At that time, create an opportunity. Think about a present to give her.”


“It will be done.”


Aside from these two people, other nobles were working to obtain Leticia the Brave.

Possibly, this could include those of foreign countries.

They planned to steal a march on those people.

Jade smiled unconsciously at the gossip.




A clear blue sky, and the gentle sunlight signaled the coming of spring.

Due to the preparations for the Knight School entrance ceremony, Wynn headed to the cathedral in the morning, wiped some sweat on his forehead with a towel on his neck, and then looked up at the shining sky.



Illustration (By みてみん)



The migratory birds that announced the arrival of spring appeared to be white lines in the blue sky.


“Oooi! Wynn!”


Hearing the voice from behind him, he turned and saw his roommate, Locke Marine, waving while running towards him.


“Good morning, Locke.”


“Not only are you attending the entrance ceremony, you’re helping with the preparations as well?”


Locke looked at Wynn’s full hands.

Since the cathedral was lacking chairs, Wynn was carrying one, as requested.


“A teacher saw me doing independent practice. Anyways, I had no other plans.”


This was the fourth time.


Locke took a chair from Wynn and walked with him.


“More importantly, aren’t you now an apprentice knight? Congratulations!”


“Aah, well… ”


While, scratching his head with his free left hand, Locke gave a half-hearted response.


“Honestly, I didn’t think I would become one before you did…”


“I did not have enough ability, so I failed the examination.”


This had happened three times.


“Somehow… I couldn’t put magic power into the practice sword. When compared to magic-enforced steel, ordinary steel may as well be wooden.”



‘Not only that, but his opponent was the top student of his class.’



Two years ago, his match ended after having being restrained by magic and was easily disarmed.


“Besides, your opponent was formidable, and you had a handicap.”


“In a battlefield, one cannot choose their opponent. If I cannot win against whomever my opponent is, I do not have the qualifications to be a knight.”


‘Sheesh, what a stubborn guy.’

At these words, Locke looked at the back of his friend, who, instead of resting, continued to work silently.


They had been roommates for three years.

Locke had never met somebody like Wynn before.

The morning after the entrance ceremony, Locke woke up to find Wynn missing from his bed. If he searched the courtyard, he would find him alone, swinging an old bokken.

Every day, he would return late, after the lectures and strict training sessions finished, he would leave in a hurry.

After class, the nobles and merchant children would gather after school and would go to town to party; the ones who didn’t go out to play were few. On the other hand…


Locke was interested in where Wynn went, and so, he tailed him.

Wynn would be on the floor of the small kitchen, washing potatoes.

After washing them, he would act as a waiter in the dining hall.

It was his habit.


He would return from work late at night.


That day, Locke was unable to call out to Wynn, who was working, nor was he able to work up the mood to play, so he went straight to the dorm.


His friend came home as if nothing happened. However, he was drenched in sweat from swinging his bokken.


Ever since the entrance ceremony, Wynn’s swordsmanship surpassed the rest, and his peers were surprised at his grades, but Locke was the only one who accepted it as a natural outcome.


If only his hard work could be seen in the results.


When he was young, apart learning the basics from the adventurers, Wynn’s swordsmanship was self-taught, but even the aristocratic children, who were taught by famous masters, couldn’t come close to his skills.


Even then, Wynn struggled in the classroom.

When compared with his classmates, who had been taught by tutors, his academic performance was markedly inferior.

Furthermore, he had low a amount of magic power.

At the test during his first year, against an opponent whose strength was offensive magic, Wynn was helpless.

During his second year, he prepared countermeasures, but since the test only allowed the practice swords to be used, he was unable to use the countermeasures, and lost like he did before.

In his third year, he failed to find a way to use the practice sword to counter the magic.


After seeing this, Locke approached a teacher for Wynn’s sake, but after the teacher said, “Don’t interrupt the test,” he gave up.

Now, Locke has become an apprentice knight.

Locke was the second son of a merchant house.

The eldest son was to succeed their parents, but rather than apprentice himself to another mercantile house and marry into another family, he enrolled in Knight School, hoping to live freely.

With that sort of half-hearted resolution, after considering Wynn’s desperate efforts, him becoming an apprentice knight seemed accidental.

Locke felt guilty towards Wynn.


“Ano, sorry.”


After delivering the items to the official at the cathedral, he was about to set out to help with other work on the way back.


“Excuse me, senpai?”


Looking back, he saw a young girl standing there.


“Oo, a beautiful person.”


Locke unintentionally muttered. Even though he was an admittedly reclusive person, even he was unconsciously charmed by her.

The spring sunlight seemed to shimmer as it fell upon her golden hair, and her emerald green eyes. (TL: Countdown: Five…)

The girl possessed a sort of translucent beauty.


“A, aa, should I be called senpai? Are you a new student?”


“Yes, that’s right.”


She nodded while smiling sweetly.


“If I have finished registration, I need to change into my uniform, but I don’t see the special changing room for nobles here.”


“Ah, if it’s that, then this isn’t the right way.”


The girl was headed for the commoner’s changing room.


“Sorry, but since it’s early, there is barely anybody here, and the other people I asked were busy,” apologized the girl.


“You two senpais seemed to be walking around idly.”


“Eh, well…”


“If that’s the case, then, Wynn, you should show her around, since you’ll be heading towards the entrance ceremony, anyways.”


“But, I still have to help out…”


“Aren’t they all chores, anyway? I’ll stay behind and do them for you. What point is helping out with preparations, if you don’t help her?”


Waving his hand, Lock quickly turned away and left.


“Well then, Wynn. See you later!”


“Thanks, Locke!”


After thanking Locke, Wynn turned to face the girl.


“Well, let’s go then.”




The girl walked behind Wynn, following him.

He felt a nagging feeling in the back of his mind.


“I thought you were my senior, but are you also a new student like me?”


“I am your senior, but this is my fourth time attending the entrance ceremony, so I’m essentially a new student.”


“Then, you will become my classmate?”


“It will be like that. Please excuse me, but since you’re using the noble’s changing rooms, are you a foreign exchange student?”


Generally, even the noble children change in the common changing room by the cathedral.

Only royalty and foreign exchange students of prominent nobles were allowed to use the special changing rooms.


“I was born in this country, but there are a few special circumstances… ”


“So it’s like that, huh? Should I speak more respectfully?”


“Nah, I don’t mind how it is now.”


The girl let out a giggle.


“After attending for four years, how can you still hope to be a knight?”


“I swore to myself that I would become a knight, without fail. Even if this path is long and hard, I will continue to struggle without giving up.”

Believing in this, Wynn continued to swing his sword everyday.


“Furthermore, a close friend from the past is still trying her hardest, alone, in a distant place. Even if I don’t become a knight, I want to be able to proudly say that I have done my best…” (TL: Four…)


After saying that, Wynn embarrassedly looked away from the girl.



You haven’t changed, huh…


As the girl’s small mutter trailed off, she realized she had become moved to tears.


“What am I saying to somebody I’ve met for the first time?. Anyways, what’s your reason for enrolling?”


When Wynn asked that question, the girl’s face cleared up and smiled again.


“I am– Hmm… There is a person who I want to walk beside. He is my light, and I am still chasing his back.”


At that, the girl’s smile was so fascinating that Wynn was unconsciously charmed.

‘That smile, where have I seen it before?’ (TL: Three..)


“Ah, it seems that we have arrived.”


Stopping, Wynn watched as the girl gave the private room a knock before entering.


“Leticia-sama!” (TL: Two…)


A large, middle-aged man came out from within.

Despite his graying hair, he still had a youthful countenance, and a body tempered like steel.

It was the Knight School’s principal, Zaunas-shi.


“You were so late, I thought you were lost.”


“Please excuse me. I actually was a little lost.”


Leticia lightly bowed her head to the principal.

However, Wynn was not paying attention, since he was paying attention to Leticia’s impish smile.


Illustration (By みてみん)



“If I remember correctly, you’re the the one entering school for the fourth time, Wynn Byrd-kun. Thank you for guiding her here, but now please step back.”

“Are… are you Leti?” (TL: One…)


Interrupting the principal, he stepped closer to the girl.

He had a surprised and uneasy expression.


“I just realized it, but is it as I thought….?”


Hands on her waist, Leticia sighed.


“It’s been a long time, Onii-chan. I’m back.” (TL: Zero! Celebrate!)


Leticia flashed a dazzling smile at the dumbfounded Wynn.



AN: Finally… Finally they have met.

Did I write it skillfully?

I am more aware of my writing ability … [3]

Translator Notes

  1. TL: name is Kuraifudorufu —back
  2. TL: I’m keeping with Wynn. Win just emphasizes the role of an OPMC(not that he is one).. to win. —back
  3. TN: lazily translated this line… —back

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As you can see, much of my translator notes are more of me having to go back and edit it. This will be fixed soon (I need to sleep and refresh my brain). Or, you can give suggestions in the comments. please reference the TN number if you do. I was kinda burned out after editting Ch 5 for cloverSK. Anybody who wants to help as editor is welcome, but you probably need to reference the raws to be sure of what he meant…

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