YnO 3


  • TL: Elephant No. 5
  • I did it all myself! I grew independent! Celebrate!
  • Thanks to aotsuki for the voluntary proofreading!


After the audience

“Ah, Mou… I’m exhaausted~![1]

After the audience with the Emperor was over, as soon as Leticia returned to the palace’s guest room, she sat in a chair and was sprawled over it.

“You’ve worked hard today.”

Liara served tea to Leticia, who was sprawled on the chair, and her two other companions.

Originally, there would be a dedicated servant who would perform this task, but since it was the group’s private resting time, the servant was not present.

“Nevertheless, for even the Stamina Fiend Leticia to be this tired, being in His Majesty’s presence was, unsurprisingly, a great mental strain, wasn’t it?”

“Well, I am not good with that sort of atmosphere.”

Leticia made a slight nod.

“Moreover, what clothing was I supposed to change into? Isn’t my everyday clothing good for I, the Brave?”

“For such a reason…”

Liara laughed bitterly.

“Isn’t Leti also the daughter of the duke? Shouldn’t you have some experience with these things?”

“I was ten years old when I departed, you know? Besides, other than when the oracle declared that I was the Brave, such things were not expected of me.”

In the mornings, while her family was still asleep, Leticia would slip away, so the private tutor would indirectly report that the young Leticia was stupid to the point of being a problem child.

At that time, the Ducal House announced that she was recuperating from an illness at a place far away from the capital, while intending to keep her from the public. If her appearance was unexceptional, in truth, such an action would be enough. However, such a beauty was rarely seen, so the meticulous Ducal House needed to keep her in the house to maintain the excuse.

Although her education was left to the tutor, she never had her debut in high society.

But on her tenth birthday, the clergy of every country in the continent all received a prophecy: “The Brave has descended. Her name is Leticia Von Mavis.”

Thus, the Ducal House, which had treated her as a burden, changed their treatment of her. Leticia’s family began to interfere with her life, until Leticia herself felt troubled. To be specific, her father, the Duke, no matter the cost, would send a merchant to procure whatever she wanted on the same day. (However, her sense of money was already influenced by Wynn’s plebeian sense of money). Furthermore, the duke personally invited famous martial artists and magicians to the mansion (The Great Sage Tiara was invited at this time), in the hopes that some would stay with her.

However, in the end, to the Leticia who had never been spoiled until then, such excessively blatant actions only made her more cautious, and did not change her daily trips to see Wynn, which had been going on for half a year.

“Aah, I really want to hurry and leave. I wanna return to Onii-chan’s side~.”

“Is this Elder Brother(Ani-gimi)[[2] that you are talking about Reiruzu of the Mavis House?”

Liara extended her hand towards Leticia, and slowly petted her soft hair.

Leticia was still sprawled on the chair, letting Liara pet her.

The sight of an exhausted Leticia, would only be shown to her companions.

Before she arrived at the Ducal House, and was called to the palace, Leticia would hide her current state under the dignified aura of the Brave.

To her, the Ducal House was not her true family.

“Come to think of it, throughout the journey, she would say, ‘I wanna return to Onii-chan’s side.’ You must really like your Elder Brother, ne?”

Surprisingly, when she neared the Ducal House, instead of returning to her brother immediately, she rented a room to stay in.

“After the ordeal of visiting the Ducal House, she’s now free to meet her Elder Brother, now.”

“But, Onii-chan isn’t Onii-ue though?”

“But, doesn’t the Mavis House only have four children, including Young Master Reiruzu and Leti’s older sisters?” Liara asked, doubtfully.

“They’re different, you know? Onii-chan is my Master!”

“Wait a minute!”

Raul interrupted Leticia’s words.

“Leti’s Master is young enough to be called ‘Onii-chan’?”

Until this point, the three people’s image of Leticia’s Master was a sharp, elderly man.

However, the one Leticia called ‘Onii-chan’ would have to be in his 20s or 30s.

“Onii-chan is two years older than me. Aah, I wanna see him soon~!”

He was far from being in his 20s. He was in his teens!

The Brave’s Party was shocked at this statement.

“It can’t be. Could this ‘Onii-chan’ be stronger the Leti?”

“Up until I departed, I never won against him even once.”

“When I was invited to accompany Leti, she was already stronger than me,” supplemented Tiara, who was part of the party from the beginning.

“Haa? Wait a minute!”

Raul reflexively stood up, facing Tiara.

“When you were called, Leti was only ten years old, right? At that time, she was already stronger than you?”

Like other elves, although Tiara appeared to be in her teens, she was already over a hundred fifty years old.

“Oh… As expected of the Brave, to have such amazing swordsmanship and magic skills. Your second name ‘Divine Sword Princess’ is not just for show.”

“Oo, seriously?”

The three shifted their attention to the reclined Leticia.

Throughout their journey, they had seen her fighting strength, which utterly lacked common sense.

As a matter of fact, even if the three challenged Leticia together, she would still be completely victorious.

“Leti’s Master can’t be stronger than Leti is now, right?”

“I am now stronger.”

“Right? I was thinking that I’d like to have a match with him once, what do you think would happen?”

“If it’s a match, I think Raul would win.”

Leticia finally lifted her body from the chair.


While rearranging her clothes, a warm smile floated to Leticia’s face as she stared out the window.

“If it’s not in the form of a match, Onii-chan might win.”

(AN: Next time: the MC finally (re)appears!?)

Translator Notes

  1. extended a on purpose. —back
  2. An archaic, really formal honorificback

(AN: Next time: the MC finally (re)appears!?)


It would be nice to have somebody help me with the sentences that I struggle with, especially when I’m too lazy to go Google-diving for the correct meaning… Any takers?

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42 thoughts on “YnO 3

  1. *Kneels while holding his hands together in a prayer*

    Oh great translator. I thank thee for picking up this series! May your works be repaid with cookies!

    *Gives a bag of cookies as a brib- thank you present*


      1. Well, no promises on IO and Beepy seeing how i’m still not in the mood for them, but i might write Spiritsmith next chapter soonish… (This weekend or next week, maybe?)

        Now, go back to working on chap 4. The cookie-giver demands moar chappies!


  2. まだ家人が眠る早朝に屋敷を抜け出し、家庭教師からは遠まわしではあったが、バカであると報告をされるほど、問題児だった幼きレティシア。

    The sentence structure here is a a pain, but I’ll try to make it a bit clearer. Essentially,

    “The young Leticia was a problem child who would sneak out of the house in the early morning while the house people (i.e. servants) were still sleeping, to the point that the private tutor would report that she was an idiot, albeit in a more roundabout manner”


  3. Also, just to harp on the last part since i think it’s fairly important. Don’t want to come off as overly critical, since I have the utmost respect for people who actually sit down and translate whole chapters for people to enjoy.


    “I’m stronger.”

    「だよな? 一度手合わせしたいと思ってたんだが、どうだろう?」

    “Right? I was thinking I’d like to have a match with him once, what do you think?” (implication being how would he fare against him)

    (手合わせ in a more literal sense means “meeting hands”, but usually refers to two or more people comparing their skills)


    “If it’s a match, I think Raul would win.”


    Leticia finally lifts her body from the table.




    While straightening out her clothes, Leticia floats a warm smile and turns her gaze out the window.


    “If it’s not in the form of a match, Onii-chan might win?”

    (試合 here is another way of saying match, generally in a formal setting with rules and such.)


  4. My criticism is just this we want more…. dam pls no cliffhangers….. i’ve waited for this novel for almost two years plsssssssss mooorrrreeeeeee pls…….. ur translation is great by the way


  5. “Is your Onii-chan not your elder brother(Onii-ue)?” this is leticia’s line “Onii-chan isn’t my elder brother though.” is how I translated it. If I am correct only leti has lines where wynn is refered as onii-chan.


  6. “Is your Onii-chan not your elder brother(Onii-ue)?” this is leticia’s line “Onii-chan isn’t my elder brother though.” is how I translated it. If I am correct only leti has lines where wynn is refered as onii-chan.
    Then the next line
    “aren’t they different. Oniicchan is my master” would become “they are different.”


  7. I am late to it all… But Onii-chan is alright… Onii-kimi and Onii-ue… Those not so much… If anything, Aniue (unless states oniiue (which I have yet to ever come across…)) so perhaps the other is Ani-kun (since Kimi and Kun both hide in Kimi/Kun)


      1. Lonx, truth be told, I don’t know which hat you pulled that rabbit out of. Anikun or if we go by google TL’s attempt of romanization Ekimi (yet it still pronounces anikun), is the only thing I get for 兄君. No anigimi to be seen anywhere… I would love to know where this word even popped out from… Mostly because maybe there might be others like it hidden. As I have been learning Japanese on my own, I maybe haven’t come across all possible versions.


      2. Thanks for the sentence… But yah… First time I’ve come across 兄君 yet I’ve read like over 500 different raws from different people… I mean even of my current bookmarks, I’m currently following up to current chapter about 120 different WNs and none of them have 兄君… Aniue, I’ve had, Niisama, I’ve had… No 兄君 though


  8. “But, Onii-chan isn’t Onii-ue though?”
    Onii-ue should be Ani-ue.
    “I wanna return to Onii-chan’s side”
    You might want to check the raw version to verify the use of this phrase. It feels more than what the original was saying (aitai), but maybe I’m just not that knowledgeable in the language yet. :p


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